Saturday, February 19, 2011

things I love

In no particular order:

Little Cheeto and his mother
Quinn, Meg, and I at the Gabba Gabba show!
My beautiful mother
Say McAnderson

My father and his brothers.

Lisa Lobes Lynn

My family.

These furry beasts.

My ladies.

This boy.


my Kate

to be continued

Monday, February 7, 2011


Did I mention that Sarah came home for a visit too? She is here for some family stuff so I am just taking every opportunity I get to visit with her even if its just for a bowl of spaghetti.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

soup or bowl

Rather than bore you with why I havent blogged i'll just dive right in to what i'm up to.

Camille has been in town for almost a month and she's staying for another couple weeks. It is so wonderful to have her and her kids here. Olivia is the sweetest little girl I ever met. Sam is so amazing. He is perfect. The miracle of baby making will never cease to blow my mind. He is so miniature it scares me sometimes. Holding a baby might seem like fun to most of you but its a huge responsibility to me. Ok ok its fun too. I love to feed him and rock him and smell his baby smell. I have successfully avoided changing his diapers too. I've seen him crap or pee on everyone but me. He must love me. Kellen and Camille are really good parents and you can see it in Olivia every time she says please and thank you and sits quietly and eats her broccoli. Sam will be just as good I have no doubt.

School is going really well. I'm only taking two classes again this semester. I don't know how people work full time jobs and go to school and balance everything else in their lives. I'll figure it out. Can anyone suggest a career path that does not require any math classes other than 1010? Let me know.

Grandma came to live with us (when I say us I mean my mom but hey I live there too sorta not really but you know what I mean) and its been very up and down. On the upside I get to see my Grandma every day. Sometimes I feel like because we lived so far away from them growing up that I didnt get to spend a ton of time with my moms parents. I have a lot of incredible memories of Grandma reading stories to me and Grandpa and his stilts and how I was never brave enough to play on the rope swing in the backyard. We're making many more memories now that she is with us too. Just yesterday I got to explain to her what I burrito is. Something that I eat once or twice a week and she had never even heard of it. On the downside I also have to watch my mom take care of her mom and I know it isn't easy. My mom is the bravest most patient person that I have ever known. Its safe to say that the ugly elephant in the room is that my Grandma is really old and slowly deteriorating and she probably wont live for that much longer. It scares me and it makes me uncomfortable and its real and raw but its life and eventually we all meet our end. I'm happy we can provide her with good company and little things in life that mean a lot to her. She thinks we have all the luxuries. We can flush our toilet paper!!

Life is good and i'm just trying to live it fully.

He isnt great at keeping his eyes open for the camera but I looooove him.

Olivia and I
Megan and Camille thinking they're funny.

Silly face with Ryder.