Friday, January 3, 2014

brain shift

For the most part, new years resolutions annoy me.  I always make ridiculous unachievable goals and end up letting myself down. So this year instead of promising myself that I'd go back to the gym or save a ton of extra money (those are great things and high five to any of you who are doing that!!), I decided to come up with a smaller list of reasonable things that I can continuously work on. Not just this year but forever.

1. Write more. I wont promise that I'll write religiously (who has time for that?). I certainly won't try to blog regularly. But I bought a nice notebook today and am going to try really hard to write in it almost every day. I know that every single day I have 5 minutes of free time that I can spend just writing down a thought or something small that was on my mind.

2. Say only nice things. Sounds pretty doesn't it? I've already screwed this one up. (Sorry Camille). I want to cut out the trash talk. I want to practice what my mother always tried to encourage within us: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I feel like if I focus my energy AWAY from saying unkind things about people it might help me to see the good in them instead. Obviously I will get frustrated and someone will upset me or annoy me and I will say things I wish I hadn't because I'm human and we all do that.

3. Use my cookbooks. Last time I counted there was over 60 cookbooks in my collection. I love them all. I've read each of them cover to cover. Some of them are ridiculous and I couldn't cook from them even if my life depended on it (mormon trail recipes... bear meat?). Most of them are vegetarian or vegan and I want to crack their spines and stain their pages with cocoa powder or turmeric. I've bookmarked hundreds of recipes. Instead of trolling pinterest for an hour looking for something fun to make and then realizing I don't have time leftover to actually make it, I want to plan ahead and use my books. If I don't use them, I want to give them away.

So we'll see how that goes.