Thursday, December 31, 2009


I just want everyone to know that I will not be riding the fun bus to Wendover again this year.
There will be no:

Fried chicken
Slot Machines
Luggage Carts

Thank you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

not anymore

When I was little I used to go through toy catalogs and circle things that I wanted Santa to buy me and then I would give the catalogs to my mom and sincerely expect that I would get every single thing I had circled.

Now that I'm sort of grown up and I have to pay my own bills and rent and food and what not, I can't imagine going through toy catalogs and demanding that my parents buy me everything I want. Gosh what a brat I was! Christmas has changed so much for me. I don't care much for lights or trees or treats. I only care that I get to be with my family. With Katie and Camille gone, and KC too now, it isn't easy being the only kid here. I miss them all the time. I absolutely treasure times like these when we are able to be together. Can't really think of anything much better than that.

Mom and I last Christmas:

Friday, December 18, 2009


I dreamed that I had age barnacles.

I couldn't stop thinking about it.

SO I googled age barnacles.

Do not google seborrheic keratoses.

You will be sad.

Monday, December 14, 2009

the queen

Camille is the queen of cheese balls.

Katie is the queen of elaborate salad making.

My mother is the queen of the world.

Friday, December 11, 2009

because my mom would cry

I was thinking...
Katie moved.
Camille moved.
The Boy left.
Sarah moved.
Megan only lives here half the time.

Maybe I could move?
Just a thought :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I miss the purple shampoo and the dippy eggs and brushing my hair in front of her vanity and how she would pray for the Jazz and how she called me her lamb and her wiggle worm.


Little Lamb

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

well holy hannah montanna

I had no idea guys! Ok I won't stop.

So thanksgiving was amazing! Katie was home for a few days and its always so nice and comforting to have her here. My mom and dad and I are all sort of wishy washy, do whatever, don't make solid plans kinds of people so when she comes she whips us into shape and makes us DO STUFF. I love seeing the look on her face when none of us can make a decision. Her eye kind of rolls a little (maybe not on purpose bahahaha) and she just laughs at us.
As far as the meal went... my tofurkey was fantastic. I ate it cold for 3 days straight it was so good. I tried to veganize my moms amazing corn dip but uhh.. it didn't go that great. I have a few ideas of how I can make it thicker and creamier but honestly i'm just discouraged. Its hard enough when my family thinks im doing something extremely crazy, but then when it doesnt turn out I just feel really embarrassed. I won't give up though guys! Its been almost 2 weeks and I feel great! I lost 5 pounds and plan to lose more. Obviously the fact that i've been unable to eat hot cheetos, nutty bars, mamas chocolate pretzels, rolls, and everything else is contributing to the small amount of weight lost. I want to do this healthy though I dont want to get sickly or weak looking. I'll probably go buy some vitamins and maybe even a supplement. I feel like I eat tons of veggies and an ass load of tofu though. I get lots of protein and nutrients. Anyway. I feel good about it.

We moved to a new area at work today. I have a window cubicle again. So much sunshine. Pretty decent view. Happy about it.

I want to paint my kitchen pink but my landlord wont let me. Daddy I hope you're ready to move me again in 6 months :)

Sarah comes home in 18 days and we have big plans to umm love one another and spend precious moments together. After that she'll be home for the summer and then off to London. I don't know how well we will be able to keep in touch but i'm sure it'll be fine. Its far away so I wont worry about that right now. Just glad shes coming home. I'd like to borrow that green dress and smell good like her and have her help me re arrange my living room. K thnx.

Could his kitty paws get any cuter?

Monday, November 30, 2009

over it

The only person who reads this is my mother and I talk to her on a daily basis.

So i'm over the blog for a while. Maybe i'll be back around xmas to post some pictures.

Ta ta!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

no mayo

Five and a half months down!! I bet its real cold in Russia right now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

doing my part

I just adopted Olive:

Save a turkey!

Again, happy thanksgiving yall.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


THIS has been happening for years. 20? 30? 40 years?

And suddenly its news?

Happy thanksgiving guys.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I go places...

Like to the zoo with Liv and Camille:

The zoo in Arizona was really cool. It was a hot day though and I think we kind of rushed through it. Liv was dying to see the pink zebras and for some unknown reason that was the last animal we saw. "Mommy WAN SEE ZEBRATH NOW!". They have season passes to the zoo, cool huh? I guess that's just what you do in good ole' AZ.

I took some inappropriate pictures of the zebras and have chosen not to post them here. Camille... you remember. Heh. Heh. Heh.

When Camille was here we met up with Meg and Ryd for some good clean fun. We originally wanted to go to Corn Bellies. A giant maze in the shape of Larry H Millers head. There were several contributing factors to why we didn't go including the temperature, the price, and the hour. We decided instead to go to the Dinosaur Museum! SO COOL!

As you can see, the children loved it. As did the adults. We only had about 40 minutes to walk through the whole thing but I think I could have spent at least 2 hours there looking and learning. Really neat stuff. Ryd and Liv can get married, I give them permissions.
Meg has been going back and forth from here to Los Angeles and doing some really cool things I never would have imagined a year ago. She is recording an album guys! I've heard what she has done so far and I am so proud of her :) Yall get ready.

Why does the color of my fake mustache match the color of my real hair?

Riddle me this!

Also- I miss this person:


To make one or... not to make one... that is the question....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Sayin'

"It is the element of Love that makes Joy so much deeper and truly meaningful than superficial happiness.

Without love and the ability to combine it with happiness to get joy, we might as well be a grove of pine trees. Soaking up the world’s resources and living, but not relating. Relationships are the key.
For me, the meaning of life is the joy that is found in relationships with family, friends." - Random woman.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be in a satisfying healthy relationship. Obviously this is subjective to each individual; we all have different needs and desires to fulfill.

I was searching for some sort of text or blog or anything really where i could read about other peoples trials and accomplishments in this area. You can't have good without the bad, I know this much is true. I want to know what it means to really support someone in a relationship. What is the general consensus about how this is to be done?

What I found was surprising to me. If you google "support a loved one" you'll find tips and strategies on how to support someone with grief, someone with cancer, someone who suffered a loss, someone who lost a job, even someone who is bipolar. While I feel like that is fantastic and helpful I have to admit I was sorely disappointed.

Why don't we support people even when they are up? When their luck is good. When life is enjoyable don't you people still need support? I personally want it all day every damn day. Not just when i'm sad. I want to be with someone who will support me in every single thing I do, both happy and sad.

Its almost like at christmas time you know when people always say God bless you and happy holidays and be cheerful. Why do we do that only around the holidays? Should we not wish people well all the time? In July? In February? Should we not share love and joy all year long? I believe I should. I try to.

I want to be with someone who understands this concept. Someone who wants to encourage and support me even when i'm on top of my game. Doing things I love doing.

I don't know everything there is to know about love and relationships. I have a lot to learn. I think my parents probably still learn new things every day. I don't ever expect to know exactly how it works. I don't want to give up though.

As Conor Oberst said "i'd rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery"

I'd rather be with the person I love the most and make mistakes and learn from them and support each other no matter what than sit here alone wondering what is the right or wrong thing to do.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what a girl wants part 4

I want:

- big bowl of brussels cooked the one special way
- someone to do my dishes
- 3 more cats
- to write a book
- my sisters to come home
- more cook books
- a new couch
- to find a new job as someones personal assistant but get paid MORE
- to stop complaining and just be happy as is.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The one and only

Dear Mother-
Thank you for your countless hours spent at my side. Bringing me water and medicine. Listening to me whine about taking pills. Putting your own pain aside so you could make sure I got better. Keeping me company. Making me lunch. Buying me cheetos. Telling me I still look good with a mask on. And for a million other things.

With a friend like you I can never be sad. I am forever grateful.

To the Swine Flu which I may or may not have had- I WIN I WIN!!


Lust for comfort!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today I went to the DI on my lunch break. There was a really old woman looking at the books too, kinda blocking my view of the books. She was adorable so I didn't mind too much. Bright white curly hair, eyeshadow and mascara even though she had to be pushin 85. She stood up suddenly and turned around and said to an elderly man "Make yourself useful darling, carry my books" and he smiled and took her books and continued to watch her look for more.

I giggled out loud.

When I am 85 I better have a husband to drive me to thrift stores and carry my books.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Tonight I will make dinner for someone I love very very much. This individual has never been a picky eater. We've been known to live off mashed potatoes and koolaid. Her life has changed drastically in the past year and along with that her diet is ever changing. I love to cook. I especially love to cook for her. Her praise and compliments on any given dish inspire me to try new things.

She will not eat:

potatoes- no baby reds, no russets, no sweet
sugar substitutes

The list goes on. And on. And on.

I think I have decided on a roasted brussel-garlic-tofu soup.

I'll let you know.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


One time Sarah and I had a really big party on accident.

I hid in my bedroom.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

get money

I really wanted to sleep in today. I had it all planned out. I thought i'd sleep until at least 10 and roll around with the cats and be lazy. Make myself some tofu scramble with toast and tomatoes. It was to be a beautiful lonely morning.

Dear Dad: Thank you for calling me at 7 with the chicken noises that scared both me and my cats out of bed :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

all things nice

New found love. If you like to boogie, you like this.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My girl Meg came home just in time for us to celebrate her birthday! (I'm a little late on posting this) We had a quiet lovely dinner at her house. She's been in and out of town since then and I always feel a little void in my life when she leaves. We keep in touch really well. Calls, texts, pictures every day. So that has made it a little easier. I'm proud of her and am always amazed at her ability to stay strong when things go wrong, and they often do.

Meg, Ryder, and myself. That dress makes me look poofy. Oh well.

Relaxing after Ryd goes to sleep :)

While my parents were gone I was in charge of watering the flowers (FAIL) and taking care of Lizzy and getting the mail Etc Etc. For about the first week, Lizzy would not eat. I did everything I could. I was literally pelting her with kibbles and bits. I visited her every day on my lunch break and her bowl was always full. I would call Katie and Camille and they'd try to comfort me and give me advice. I was going to take her to the vet after about 7 days of her not eating. I came over with Lisa and half the bowl of food was gone! I was so relieved! Lizzy is an essential part of our family. I can not imagine things without her. We've always had pets (dogs, cats, birds, lizards) growing up but I've never bonded with any of them like I have with her. She is a constant reminder to me of why I don't eat animals :) I'm grateful my parents always raised us with pets.

If any of you like zombies, A LOT, please send me an email to We have some things to discuss.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yes and No

Candice did you really just buy a 4 foot tall picture of a unicorn laying in a bed of flowers?
Do you really intend to hang that in your bathroom for you and your guests viewing pleasure?
Is life really this awesome?

Yeah I hug myself sometimes.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

scale from 1-10

These shoes are the meaning of true love for me:

mom I stole the kleenex

I have a feeling i'm going to be incredibly grateful for my good health in a few days.

I remember when I was little and I had a runny nose Grandma would always have a kleenex in her purse for me. She would get frustrated because I would simply wipe the dripping snot from my face instead of blowing my nose. I can hear her right now, "blow harder little lamb".

And then she'd make me a dippy egg with toast.

Oh the things i'd do for a dippy egg and toast right now.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

rock out

I'm watching the travel channel and bizarre foods host Andrew Zimmern is eating aborted llama fetus. What kind of world is this? Do you think the people who are kind enough to show him around their magical cities ever wish he would just shut up? Just shut up and eat. You'd be in so much trouble at my house for talking with your mouth full of brains.

Woke up at 6 today to take my parents to the airport. Have fun in Rome, yall.
I'm sick as a dog but I went to work anyway and took some medicine that my mom recommended. It was equivalent to a few long islands and I was no longer able to function at a work appropriate level. Came home and watched tv all day. Man I hate TV.

Lisa is coming over to make soup with/for me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

what did you get?

I got my fathers bunions and my mothers barnacles.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I win!

I have to thank KC for challenging me at Donkey Kong all my life. I remember when he and I shared a bedroom with bunk beds and we had the little TV set up right next to our beds and I'd play way too often. While listening to some CD I had that played disney tunes. I had the song that Ursula sings memorized. I continued playing all my life pretty much. Seth and I used to pull all night tournaments. He always won. I think i'm pretty good though :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

coffee talk

I come next door often for coffee and sometimes just for a cup of water. The water tastes better here. Oh and I get impeccable internetz here as opposed to the 1 bar at my kitchen table.
Things I overheard people saying...

Motorcycle guy: I hate books man they're so boring. I havent read a book since 2003.
Me: thats sad dude
motorcycle guy: Im in the 18th grade.

nightvision: I've been reading the same book for 4 years. Cold mountain.

Night vision is a poet. Or at least thats how he introduces himself. "Hi I'm night vision, im a poet" For real guys. For real.

This place is wild and I love living next to it. Watching all these crazy people run around makes me feel... somewhat sane.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


She returns to me!

Monday, September 7, 2009

born to fly

I miss my siblings.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Use what you got

Veggie Black Bean Burgers!

I used this recipe RIGHT HERE and I made a few modifications like adding garlic and two whole chopped up peppers. So it looked more like this:

1 cup cooked black beans, half mashed
1 cup cooked brown rice, mostly mashed
1 T cayenne pepper
2 cloves garlic, chopped fine
2 peppers of your choice, depending on how spicy you like it (I dont know what I used from my parents garden but woo it was spicy)
salt to taste
oil for frying

Basically just combine all ingredients and mash mash mash! Form into patties (I think I ended up with about 5) and heat the oil in a large skillet. Fry on both sides until brown(er than they already are from the black beans :)). They will kind of fall apart so we're looking into making more modifications to the recipe but honestly they were so good it didn't even matter that they were a tad mushy. I served mine on a whole wheat bun with tomato, avocado, and some veganaise.

Somehow the pictures I had have disappeared but if you've seen one black burger you've seen them all, right?

I'll leave you with a picture of my cat.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I turned 23 today. I feel the same. I have the best friends and family ever. I got way more than I deserved.

Tea Kettle
Food chopper
Shower curtain!
New make up
Pretty dress
breakfast in bed.

I'm seriously spoiled.

I would only alter one thing- I need my siblings here. And this little lady:

Life has been wild lately. I feel like i'm always waiting for the next thing to happen. I really want to slow down and let today happen.

I guess we'll see.

Thanks everyone. Great brithday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my mom and dad do it

Why does romance have to be fictional?

1. a novel or other prose narrative depicting heroic or marvelous deeds,
pageantry, romantic exploits, etc., usually in a historical or imaginary setting.

2. the colorful world, life, or conditions depicted in such tales.

3. a medieval narrative, originally one in verse and in some Romance dialect, treating of heroic, fantastic, or supernatural events, often in the form of allegory.

4. a baseless, made-up story, usually full of exaggeration or fanciful invention.

Hi there!

I don't have internet at home any more and I apologize to those who have been begging for blogs, camp stories and pictures, and of course my usual witty banter.

Its coming.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Girls Camp

Three things I remember about my experiences at girls camp:

- Erin Nielsen taught me how to use a tampon
- We made slingshots and pegged each other with marshmallows
- I learned to love nature and trees and toilets that flush

Three things I do not miss about girls camp:
- Latrine Duty
- Getting up at the ass crack of 6
- Doing Skits

Three things I am so excited for this week:
- The sweet smell of Pine
- Not having a phone
- Feeding little girls everything but hot dogs

Thursday, July 30, 2009

shout out

This blog is pretty amazing for anyone who likes to cook:

She's witty, has good advice, helps plan meals, and does not always use obscure ingredients that you pay 18 dollars for and use once. Most things are also low fat and healthy for you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 things

First and foremost I have:

Secondly, this is Camille when she grows all the way up, and Olivia has grandchildren and they crap their swimsuits:


Can't shake deaf mode.

me: so how do you like being married?
leen: I love it, I just dont like being an adult
me: yea I bet thats rough :)
leen: I am officially Lina Buchanan, its pretty hard to sign
me: why on earth would you ever have to sign your name?
leen: know... checks and birthday cards....
me: OHH OHH I GET IT... I thought you were actually signing your name.

Help me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Thank you Camille :) I had an indescribable time.

Friday, July 17, 2009

may the force be with you

Our last family photo for 2 years. It breaks my heart to see anyone in my family cry, but can you imagine the mixed emotions in this situation? He wants to go. He needs to go. Trust me, we tried to talk him out of it :) I'm excited for him and so proud and at the same time I am so selfish and my heart aches and I wonder what he is doing and how he is feeling.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Here is a list of 10 things I've been meaning to blog about over the past couple months. I have all the time in the world to blog but I find myself at a loss for words when I ponder how grateful I am to have the friends and family that I do.

1- Yes I moved. Again. I know guys I know I move a lot! But hey It won't happen again for a long time. I'm happy at this place. I even bought ghetto furniture from the DI and Seth helped me paint it pretty.

2- I am going blonde. See above photo. Note: I get hit on a lot more when i'm blonde and i'm not really into it. Whatever.

3- My little (taller) brother leaves tomorrow to serve a mission. He'll be going to Moscow Russia. I miss him already but i'm so proud of him for doing what he believes in and following his heart. You go boy. You go.

4- I love to ride my bicycle. I ride critical mass every 3rd Friday of the month. I attend the monthly Art Gallery Strolls that are now 1 block from my house. I am a frequenter of the trax train. My legs are getting stronger but i'm still weak. I wish we all rode bikes.

5- I have a cute boyfriend. He is a talented picture taker.

6- My cats are still furry and they LOVE my new place. There are a lot of windows they can sit in. They now enjoy sleeping in the bathroom sink. It's weird but I dont mind. Kate says it isnt sanitary but... I mean... I clean the sink and its really no different than them sleepin next to me on my pillow.

7- Speaking of pets... I have this problem lately. I feel... an inexplicable deeply rooted passionate desire to save all the pets. Even dogs guys. My eyes leak as I type this. When I think about all the beautiful cats and dogs who are homeless, who are euthenized daily, who are abused or neglected, I just cry. I understand that right now with the economy the way it is, a lot of people are giving away their precious pets. You can't afford pet food, you lost your house, you had to move to an non pet friendly place, I understand. You do what you gotta do. Take care of yourself and your loved ones first, always. I just wish there was some sort of big magical ranch that I owned where I could house all these animals and it could be my job to feed them and love them. Seriously, can I get paid to do this? Someone sponsor me haha!! I've been begging my parents to let me have a cat at their house. One who is fine being outdoors and who'll get along with lizzy. I figure if I can save one pet thats a good start right? I promised I'd pay for the food and I'd come over and love it and everything! They say no but i'm not giving up. I know my dad likes cats. I know that secretly you want to sit outside on the swinging love seat while you read a book and have a cat in your lap to pet. /end rant.

8- If anyone has any used furniture they no longer need holler at me: I have a lovely new flat that needs decorating, and unfortunately not enough cash flow to do so. I don't need anything fancy. Just sayin guys... Just sayin...

9- My sign classes are going WONDERFUL! I'm learning so much I can have actual conversations (with other people who sign as slow as me) and I can follow along and respond. It is a lot of fun. I've been teaching my family a few signs just for fun and i'll just say that most of them are getting it. Mom you might have some sort of hand eye coordination problem. Sorry.

10- I love you all!

Friday, July 10, 2009

lean on me man

I took this precious gem 1 year ago when we were driving to Arizona. Camille and I were in her luxurious air conditioned car and KC and Kellen were driving in the truck that has no air. So I thought it was pretty funny to send this picture to KC where my hair was blowing in the wind of the AC.

I love my sisters and my mommy :)