Monday, September 29, 2008

fake japs

Have you ever gone out to eat and had the best meal of your life? You got seated right away, and your drinks were on the table less than 3 minutes after you sat down. Your waiter is really friendly and they suggest their favorites, smile at you like you're best friends, and checks on you frequently to make sure you've got everything you need. The food is perfect its exactly what you needed to satisfy both your belly and heart. I've experienced this a few times. Those waiters get big tips, and I always return to those restaurants. I even recommend them to my friends.

Have you ever eaten at Sushi Ya? Well don't, because everything I just described to you, will not happen there. Your menu will be confusing and they make you put little check marks on a confusing list of options to specify what you want. Your waitress will not speak English and she doesn't know anything about the menu so if you have specific questions like "Does this have onions in it?" She'll just stand there and say, "I not know." When you request to speak to someone who does know, they also speak a different language and they can't understand the simple questions that you ask them. You will get the wrong food. You will send it back. The "cooks" behind the counter will stand there and speak loudly about their confusion and wonder how they could have possibly put deep fried salmon in my veggie roll. They will bring you what you wanted originally 15 minutes later (after they sit down and eat the food you sent back) and it will be cold. You'll have no dipping sauce for your tempura veggies. And when you ask the stupid waitress if you can have some, she'll look scared and confused and run away to the kitchen. Some other "cook" will bring you a cold watery sauce that tastes like... nothing. You will be very unhappy. You will be so upset that you leave them a 1 dollar tip, and you go out to eat somewhere else.

Please my friends. Do not eat at Sushi Ya. They don't have soy paper and they speak alien.

Liv and Camille are here. Yay.
I'm going to enjoy a wonderful week of baby and sister. And then i'm off to the Big Apple folks. I'm so excited to see Sarah. Little bit bummed i'll miss Kate by like an hour. But still.... NEW YORK!! Woo!

And a few pictures, to keep you entertained.

First we have Elton. He's cute and he likes to sit on my soft belly.

Speaking of cats, I drank catnip tea. Apparently catnip is actually good for calming menstrual cramps. Who would have known!?

And lastly, for any of you in the Taylorsville area... The Pets Mart by Harmons was turned into a Carnival of Fear!!! I'm expecting this magical place will attract a lot of juggalos, or clown lovers if you will. That does not excite me. But I love a haunted house, so i'm going to attend.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kate said

That i'm obsessed with cats.
And pictures of myself.
And she might be right, thats ok, I accept those things.

I also enjoy browsing vintage ads. They give me warm fuzzies.
Camille and Livvy are coming tomorrow and I am so excited squeeze her fat little face. Olivias, that is. Camille has a nice sexy thin face. And I can't wait to hug her. 9 times. Per day.

What should we bake first camille? How about some of these?

Them there are ice cream cone cupcakes. No ice cream involved. Just the cone. Cute idea eh?
Do you want me to have some crepes and fresh fruit ready for you?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

not a lot

Not much to say but my heart is full of love. And my belly full of spaghetti squash.

This song is permanently stuck in my head:

You think you're denying me of something
Well I've got plenty
You're the one who's missing out
But you won't notice
'Til after five years
If you'll live that long
You'll wake up
All loveless

I dare you
To take me on
I dare you
To show me your palms

I'm so bored with cowards
That say they want
Then they can't handle

You can't handle love
You can't handle love
You just can't handle

I dare you
To take me on
I dare you
To show me your palms

What's so scary ?
Not a threat in sight
You just can't handle
You can't handle love

You can't handle love, baby
You can't handle love
It's obvious
You can't handle

I dare you
To take me on
I dare you
To show me your palms

I'm so bored of cowards
That say they want
Then they can't handle

You can't handle love, baby
You can't handle love,
It's obvious
You can't handle

I dare you, I dare you
I dare you, I dare you

Anyway. We ate at Tiburon last night for Megs birth celebration. Its really fancy and incredibly expensive and there is nothing on the menu I can even eat. I had to special request a plate of vegetables haha. I would never choose to go there unless someone else was paying for me.

What should I be for Halloween... hmmmm....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear Indian Food...

It was nice to meet you. I was nervous at first, obviously, everything you can offer is full of onions. I must say its a rough life... being a vegetarian and hating onions. I usually manage just fine, but then I met you Indian food. I was a fool for you.
My bum and I would just like to thank you, and we look forward to spending another evening with you.

<3 Candice and Bung.

Monday, September 15, 2008

But candy wont your hair fall out?

Yes kids, it might fall out if I color it again.
But duh, I'm obviously going to color it again. I like seasonal hair, it's just what I do.

"It's like why asking all the guys chew Cophenhagen. If you're 17, and you're not a total fry... it's jus whatcha do."

I'm on my 3rd no soda pop week! Yay! I don't really crave it too much anymore. Sometimes it's hard when my only options are water or diet coke and... i've been drinking water all day...
Caffeine free tea is my new best friend.

So uh ya. Not a lot going on here.
On Saturday KC and I wanted to hit up the Salvation Army for some treasures, so we took the trek all the way out to the DUB V C, aka West Valley, Land of Latino. You can't even imagine the sad disappointed looks on our pretty little faces when we saw it was boarded up.
We don't usually let disappointment stop us though, so we went next door to the Azteca Indoor Bizaar Mexican Food Court. Yes the name of this place was really that long. And yes the name describes everything.
This place offers many different necessities for Latinos. Cowboy boots, air hockey table, blown glass elephants, skanky polyester club dresses, air hockey table, and a food court full of beef.
Did I mention the Air Hockey Table? It is noteworthy my friends. This was a special table. The pucks (if thats what they're called) were securely fastened to the table with rope. I understand why, obviously Latinos like to steal/collect pucks. But it made our game difficult because we couldn't reach even half way across the table.

So yeah, KC beat me pretty bad. Maybe the rope is the reason I didn't score any points at all.

As you can see, it doesn't reach very far.

Whats the deal with that?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Paula


These guys look like child molesters.

Thats all for now. May be back later for another post.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I forgot!!

I forgot to tell everyone that my cubicle has been upgraded haha.
By this I mean, I now have a window cube :)
And this is my view:

I know this is a crappy picture, and its a very cloudy rainy day today. But look at my mountains! Look! Yay!

Even though a cubes a cube I still had to boast.

Happy Birthday Camille

na na na na na na
You say its your birthday?
na na na na na na
Its my birthday too.

Ok not really but it is my sister Camille's birthday and she deserves a special tribute.
She's a really special person and I don't think she hears that often enough. I don't mean special in that one "short bus" way. I mean it in the heart throbbing throat swelling warm fuzzy kind of way.
I really really really really miss her. I know this is just the way life goes but both of my sisters have moved out of state and soon my little brother will be serving a mission and holy shit what are we gonna do Mom??

Camille can always make me laugh :) Especially when I need it the most. I really don't know any family that is as cool as we are.

I mean, just look at us!
Camille is a brave brave girl. Moving to another state (a shitty state I might add) so that her husband can follow his dreams and become successful. She's a very self-less individual and she'd do just about anything for anyone.

They're a happy family. And I gotta thank her and Kellen for making this:

I know they're going to make more of those and... well... I'm excited :) Since i'll never have them, hopefully she'll make enough to compensate. Sorry Mom.

Anyway, Happy freaking birthday Camille you deserve all the best things in the world. I wish you were here so I could hug you 15 times.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One Word Meme

1. Where is your mobile phone - here

2 .Your significant other - n/a

3. Your hair - scary

4. Your mother - admirable

5. Your father - funny

6. Your favourite thing - cake

7 . Your dream last night - forgotten

8. Favourite drink - rubyredsquirtimissyou

9. Dream/goal - homeowner

10. The room you’re in - cubicle

11. Your ex - crazy

12. Your fear - earthquakes

13. Where do you want to be in six years - happy

14. Where were you last night - home

15. What you’re not - tall

16. Muffins - blueberry

17. One of your wish list items - car

18. Where you grew up - here

19. last thing you did - type

20. What are you wearing - black

21. Your TV - old

22. Your pets - smothered

23. Your computer - work

24. Your life - inconsistent

25. Your mood - calm

26. Missing someone - Olivia

27. Your car - dying

28. Something you’re not wearing - bra

29. Favourite store - Anthro

30. Your summer - warm

31. Like (love) someone - family

32. Favourite colour - rainbow

33. last time you laughed - morning

34. last time you cried - sunday

35. Who will re post this - yourmom

Friday, September 5, 2008


It is with great sadness that I announce the following news.
I have an article of clothing I must retire. Polyester from the 70s just doesn't smell good.
I loved this shirt, so much. We had so much fun together.

I will never forget you. Goodbye.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh Ya

As part of my plan to not be a fat ass anymore, I have stopped drinking soda.
This is week one, accomplished. No soda pops.

It is exceedingly difficult because my moms fridge is full of coke, diet coke, wild cherry pepsi, cream soda, and sunkist.
mmmm sunkist.......


hoooooooo hooooooo

I miss my sisters.
Sometimes I forget to pay my bills. I have the money, that's not the issue. I'm working on this problem.

My mom and dad got me an iPod for my birthday. It's been keeping me really happy. The CD player in my car stopped working a while back so I either listen to the radio or just silence. With the shitty jams coming out these days I often opt for silence. But now I can rock out! Woo! Oh and it's SO nice to have at work. While i'm sitting here doing tedious mind numbing work, I can block out all deaffie noises with my new iPod. Yes I am happy about my iPod.

I ate garlic fries yesterday and I've brushed my teeth twice since then. I even used one of those melt on your tongue listerine thingys but I can still taste/smell garlic.

I want to make a list of all the places I'm going to eat in NYC:
Cafe Blossom
Strictly Roots
Kates Joint (breakfast)
Candle Cafe

And I'm taking suggestions from anyone who's eaten in New York.

I've been looking at apartments lately too. I'm thinking maybe i'll move Oct 1st or, maybe when I get back from NYC.

Reasons why I like it downtown:
Way better food, hands down, no arguments
Crazy people everywhere
Fun old houses with character
Big beautiful tree lined neighborhoods
Neighborhoods is a long word
Everything I need is a 5-10 min bike ride away
Family is only a 15 minute drive

Reasons why I want to move out:
Decorate my own house
have my own kitchen, to decorate
buy more pyrex for my kitchen
make breakfast in my panties
leave the door open when I pee