Monday, March 29, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I was supposed to take in a third cat but the previous owner had her for four whole years and never got her fixed. She failed to mention this to me and brought the cat over anyway.

Enter Sushi.

She was so sweet and petite and loving. My cats didn't like her much and it was expected at first. Cats have a harder time adjusting to each other than dogs I believe. Elton was indifferent as usual but Coop was all up on poor Sushi. Batting at her and chasing her into corners and growling at her.

After about three days of this Sushi started to meow really loud, like a painful disgusting meow. I'm making the sound right now you just can't hear it. But if you've ever seen a cat in heat, you know what i'm talking about. Being around my two male cats made sweet Sushi go into heat. She was running around putting her icky ladybits on everything, including my leg, my purse, the wall, my feet. Ew!

I made the owner come back and get her and I kindly explained that she must be fixed before I take her in. Not fixing your pet is ownership FAIL. Unless you've got some fancy Burmese cat you can breed and make tons of money off. Even then.. I'm not a fan of anyone who fails to spay their pets.

I also feel bad for any kids who grew up without pets in their houses. Fish, hamsters, mice, lizards, birds, dogs cats. We had it all. It is so much fun for a kid to have a pet!

If (thats right mom) I have kids we will have a gosh darn zoo.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

So pumped.

Leslie Hall is coming to town. I only hope she wears her gold pants on stage. This is going to be so bad ass.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

I love...

tiffany lamps
grapefruit juice
macaroni and cheez
the smell of rain
watching rain fall on puddles
the sport button in my car
living next to a car wash
thrifted pyrex
finding the bottle of sriracha that I thought the janitors at work stole
ice cream
my dads laugh
the smell of a never opened magazine
sarahs perfect teeth
finding new music
holding hands
megans clammy hands
beastie boys
baking without eggs or dairy
when people enjoy eating what i've baked
golden hour
watching my mom type
the innocence of children
brand new candles
watching squirrels eat
neil diamond
light jacket weather
the library
being kissed on the cheek
when someone tells me I look like my dad
my bike lock
the radiators in my house on douglas street
perfectly painted nails
the hokey pokey
laughing until I cry
making my cats stand on their back legs for treats
my cookbook collection
body movin
camilles obsession with laundry softener and dryer sheets
hand me down furniture
the smell of moth balls
spring time
meeting new people who know all of the people I know
having a successful party
the contingency plan
lemonade stands
the smell of mowed lawn
how KC totally had a mullet when he was little
sparkly things
riding my bike down hills
katies fingernails- they're nice
learning how to cook by watching my mom
ruby red squirt
harry potter
using other peoples fancy perfume
fruit pectin gummy bears
gangster rap
pay day
fully charged phones, cameras, and computers
mariah carey
cold sheets

and you.