Friday, November 28, 2008

What have you done for me lately?

The Moral of this blog is that I love cats. And I'm going to start a book club. If you're a member of this club you'll be reading very exciting, insightful books, none of that anita stansfield crap. We'll meet once a month, maybe twice depending on everyones level of reading skill. And when we meet we'll also eat.
If you're interested send me an email to
If no one is interested, I'm still doing this, by myself if I have to.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008



It's my hips, isn't it?


No, of course not.


Don't be stupid, you can do so much better.


He thinks he's all that, Tai.


Yeah, God's gift.


You're too good for him.


If I'm too good for him then how come I'm not with him?

Friday, November 14, 2008


Few things today folks...
First... with the help of my sweet mother, I got rid of about half of my clothes last night. I'll probably be able to sell some of them off, but who knows. One time I tried to sell clothes at a 2nd hand store and the snotty high school girl told me that my clothes were "so 2003" and they wouldnt buy any of them. I feel like im getting rid of some treasures that someone, somewhere will love like I did. But one thing I have not, and never will get rid of are these awesome smelly shoes. The sole (soul?) of the shoe isn't really even attached anymore... I tape it on.

Aren't they adorable? haha... I'm not sure why i'm so attached to all these stupid material things. Are my shoes and clothes defining me? Ahhh!!!

On another note. Lets talk about snacks. I heart snacks. I try to eat healthy snacks when I can. Grapes, Carrots, Trail Mix... My job is super cool for many reasons and one of them is that we have a lot of money in our budget to supply snacks in the breakroom. I'm not talkin about a couple granola bars, i'm talking about fully completely stocked to the brim with food for all of us to enjoy. How cool is that? I love it. Plus free coffee all the time. Before we moved to the building we are in now, someone smart was in charge of the food shopping and they purchased awesome stuff like carrots, pretzels, string cheese, bean and cheese burritos... stuff I loved and lived on. Apparently someone different is in charge now. And they are making everyone around her fat and lazy.
Ok lets start at the top here....

I don't want to name them all, you're not blind, you can read.

Did you know that just one of those innocent looking cute little round Lindtt Truffles contains 14-16G of Fat? Chew on that.

And apparently someone in the office likes their twinkies and cupcakes frozen. Awesome.

What the hell am I going to do? This is ridiculous.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you Keith

This made me cry. So true. So sad and so true.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

camel has a broken back

Me: Sorenson Communications Moving Program how may I help you?
Idiot: Hi Charyce? I'm coming to the party tomorrow.
Me: Uhh what?
Idiot: I have drinks, I have the drinks.
Me: You have the wrong number I am so sorry.
Idiot: I have the drinks, AND I got strawberries too. And drinks.
Me: Ok I'm sorry you have the wrong number.
Idiot: The party is tomorrow right?
Me: I have no idea.
Idiot: Ok Well don't worry Charyce, I'll bring the drinks.
Me: Please listen, I am very sorry but you are talking to CANDICE, you have the WRONG NUMBER!!!!
Idiot: Oh!! I got chicken wings too. Party is at 4 right?
Me: I don't know what to say.
Idiot: Wait is tomorrow Wednesday?
Me: Wrong number, sorry.
Idiot: Oh... you mean I have the wrong number? Sorry, bye.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Watch Out For Crypto

We Live in a beautiful world.
Ya we do, ya we do.

As I stumbled around the last corner of the hike and my heart skipped a beat, and I lost my balance, I wondered why my parents never took us to Delicate Arch. It's on the freaking license plates for cryin' out loud. It truly deserves the word awesome. Jaw dropping breathtaking. I wasn't really able to get a good photo. In fact I didnt take many good photos at all. I seem to forget about my camera when I am surrounded by landscapes so surreal. I'm just going to post a few of the noisy stupid pictures I took with my camera. If you want the real thing, if you want a reminder about how small we are... just go. And go soon. According to the Salt Lake Trib today, the land in Arches and Canyonlands will soon be up for lease for greedy white dudes to purchase and drill on. Obama plans to stop them, I really sincerely hope he can and does.
Ok so...
I can't remember the name of this arch but the sun is disappearing behind it.

Ute Rock Art also known as a Petroglyph.

Does anyone else think this looks like a girl riding on a dinosaur?

Colorado River, or at least my avocado boat losing a race on the river.

And freezing cold me.

Thats all folks.


My arms ache to hug and be hugged.
I don't know why...
I'll post some pictures later today.
Maybe my boss will hug me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Memory Photo Lane

I was browsing through my photobucket at all my old pictures. I came across some funny ones.

Reason # 41 why I love laughing gas.....
You see, this is me before I had the laughing gas. I was terrified to get my root canal.

And apparently this is me POST laughing gas, feeling peaceful?

Haha man I was such a dork. Well I still am.
Also I was really missing my old apartment. And everything/everyone who lived in it. Even that one deaf guy, I miss him too.
Please disregard the pictures of people dancing and just enjoy how cute my life was...

That there is Mikey and Brian dancing on new years eve. But look how cute my red couch is, and we had yellow walls, covered in fun art. Two little pink coffee tables with Sarahs art books on top.

Hahahah Sarah will kill me for posting this. Yes, she is wearing a wig. Yes, she is wearing a skirt for a dress. That skirt, mind you, is very precious to her, she never let me borrow it EVER. I touched it a lot though. HA!

And that there in the background is my blue bookshelf. Coco gave Sarah a framed picture of Lenny, and we always had it on the bookshelf.
I want my own apartment again :(

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my 100th post!!!

Haha how exciting!!

I don't have much to say today, just a few points I'd love to cover. In fact I'll use little bullet points.

  • No I didn't vote, stop asking me. I do regret not registering because I'd like to have voted for the state stuff. The stuff that actually effects me. Too late, no use crying over spilled perfume.
  • I love this weather! I love looking out my window and seeing gray light. Snow on the mountains. Let me remind you that I hate snow. But its cute on the mountains :) I love driving in the rain. I love rain in my face. I love the smell of rain. I love when the roads are black.
  • I'm thinking about grandma a lot today! Probably because I woke up in the middle in the middle of the night and (out of habit) I had pushed the sheets down to the bottom of the bed with my feet. I grinned and pulled the sheets up. Grandma used to tsk tsk me for that. She called me her wiggle worm. Every time she complained about losing sleep because I was in her bed, I would just beg for forgiveness and i'd be in her bed again. I love the memories I have of her in bed. Sleeping peacefully with a book half-open in her hand. Tissues in the other hand. Always on her side. I loved her bed. It always smelled so clean. She was a little OCD about washing the sheets and pillow cases.

Emily and I outside in Grandmas garden. *sigh* I miss those pink bricks.

  • This is a serious question guys and if you comment here, i'd like you to answer this. Do you use a bar of soap in the shower? Do you use shower gel and one of them there meshy things? Do you use soap and a meshy thing? Do you use soap and a washcloth? Tell me guys, please, i'm dying to know how you clean yourselves.

Thats all folks.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm not good at everything

I used to consider myself a pretty decent coffee maker. I bought my first coffee maker when Sarah and I moved in together and I spent many mornings brewing for the both of us.
I recently quit drinking coffee for about 2 months, but since its really cold I picked it up again. I only drink it black no sugar no creamer.

Today I made coffee in the break room. I sat at my desk while it brewed and when I returned to fill up my cup, this conversation happened

Me: *cleaning off my mug*
coworker: Don't drink that coffee yet, its not done.
Me: No way really?
coworker: Yeah I came in here and got a cup and it tasted like shit so we remade it.
Me: *blushing* Oh... it was bad?
coworker: yeah apparently whoever made it just left the old coffee grounds in there and put fresh ones on top, which made it taste like shit...
Me: oh...

Ok I DID NOT put new coffee on top of old coffee, i'm not retarded. I used a fresh filter and I put the appropriate ammount of coffee grounds in.

Apparently I'm not as good as I thought I was at making coffee. I'll leave that to the deaffies from now on.