Saturday, September 8, 2012

my parents are neat

One of my favorite memories of going to visit my Braegger Grandparents was exploring in their backyard and entering the mysterious chicken coop. I say mysterious because when I was little I didn't really understand why anyone would keep a chicken as a pet. Especially when they smelled funky. I would enter the coop cautiously, secretly enjoying the awful smell. I don't remember exactly when they disappeared but I don't remember seeing them after I was maybe ten or so. Maybe the chickens had to go after Grandpa died. I wish I remembered that part better. The coop still stands, even though the house no longer belongs to any of us. I hope the new owner gets chickens too.

Since my mom grew up with little birdies running around it has been a life long dream of hers to have a coop of her own. My incredible father saw this dream of hers as a completely reasonable reality and he built her a bad ass hen house.

Of course, before the fresh eggs, and the adorable hen house... they had to buy the chicks. They bought 12 tiny little chirping, crapping, flapping bird monsters. They were so small it was hard to imagine that they would one day provide us with (the best tasting) fresh eggs.

Only now can I understand why someone would want to keep a chicken as a pet. I love these creatures. I want to pet them and hold them and thank them for giving us eggs.

It's really special to see my dad work so hard to make my mom so happy. I love them both and am forever grateful for everything they teach me.

I pulled these carrots out of their garden a few days ago. They are so cute!! I cleaned them up and added them to a spicy red curry. They taste so good.

Thank you mom and dad.