Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love you Sarah McAnderson.

Thats right, McAnderson.
Why get rid of your last name if you love it?
Why not just combine the two?
Just kidding, Sarah definitely took on mikes last name but I'll probably call her McAnderson for the rest of my life.
The wedding was beautiful. It was exactly how she wanted it to be, I think.
The ceremony was short and sweet and simple. Similar to what I would have said at my own wedding, if I ever tie the knot. I don't have all the pictures YET, as soon as I do i'll post more. But I'll post what i've got for now.
Here is them, during the ceremony, about to exchange rings.....

And this would be us, watching, as they do this... see me smiling? Smiling real big to avoid cryin haha.

Then this is them, afterward, its a silly picture of them and they have MUCH BETTER ones.. I just havent been given the disc of photos yet. So this is what ya get til I can getcha somethin better.

Then this is Sarah and I at her reception.

Oh and me and mom and Kit and the reception.

So ya, good times. They served Gelato and Italian sodas. And fresh fruit and vegetables. It really was just perfect.
Celisse made the most amazing cake! You go girl!
I'm glad its over, I'm sure Sarah feels the same way.
They are in mexico right now. She's all moved out of the house =/
This new girl moved in. Shes alright I guess. Kinda weird but its only temporary so i'm not even gonna stress about it.

I'm so excited I get to start learning sign today!!! Its about time! I feel like I needed to know it fluently by... yesterday?

Why does everyone gotta hate on zombie flicks? I rented George Romero's Day of the Dead and it was freaking epic.
If I had the opportunity to be in movies, I'd pick zombie films. First i'd want to be a victim, get chased, then eaten. Then I'd wanna switch it up and PLAY a zombie. Super cool. Get my head chopped off or something.

I really can't explain why I have these morbid fascinations. I know it worries my mother but its ok Paula!! I assure you i'm fine!! I'm not gonna go out and start eating people, unless you can find me someone out there who is BBQing up some human. Just kidding mom :) See here is a kitty to make it allllll better....

A few of my other morbid fascinations include serial killers. Crime scenes. It just sparks my interest. I like learning about how messed up people can get.
I don't recommend that site for anyone with a weak stomach.
This site ain't so bad, its actually written by this gay guy Scott Michaels. He runs a Graveline tour in hollywood. Basically you'd hop in his herse and he'd take you around to all of the places in hollywood where anything really super cool and epic happened. Like where famous people lived and died. His website includes interesting short biographies about famous people... (Chris Farley, Judy Garland, Rodney Dangerfield, Jeffrey Dahmer, Jimi Hendrix, Mama Cass, Notorious BIG, John Belushi, Humphrey Bogart, Ray Charles..) You get the idea. But basically it starts with a brief overview of their childhood, why they were famous, and then the nitty gritty about how they died. Oh mom its even got Karen Carpenter hehe :)
I don't know why I care about this crap.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So this is it.

I'd like to begin this post by saying i've been reduced to a few small material posessions.
Sarah has packed up all her things, well, mostly all of them other than this desk i'm sitting at right now.
The walls are bare, so is the floor.
No more art no more rugs.

I came home and opened up the cupboard and it appears that she had packed up all her bowls and plates and cups as well.
This cant be all I own, can it?

I've never felt so pathetic.
A few dusty wine glasses, coffee, coffee filters. The only plate I own. Pam. Big ass plastic margarita glass that sarah and I were so excited to use... but never did. Teapot. Flour. Sugar bin thingy, but its not actually full of solid sugar, its actually full of little packages of sweet and low. Even though right next to it there is a big box of sugar. Why do I do things like that?

Would this make you sad? If you opened up your cupboard and this is all you had?

I want to get married and have everyone buy me fabulous kitchen supplies. I want blenders and spice racks and bowls and plates and brand new teflon pants I want it too!!! But what if I never get married huh?
Maybe i'll stage a wedding!! Ya thats what i'll do. And all of you suckers will buy me gifts. Hows that sound?


I went shopping a few days ago with my beautiful mother. I tried on one billion dresses, finally found a perfect pretty floral one. I love spending time with her I dont know why I don't do it more. She makes me feel so good and positive and warm inside. Thats what mothers are for. I hope I can be just like her someday :)

I'll take a lot of pictures at this wedding tomorrow and i'll keep you guys posted! I say you guys... as if anyone reads this thing.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I am so in love

Monday, April 7, 2008

hard boiled eggs in a tube sock

It's been a while.
Lack of updates due to... well... I have no legit excuse actually.
Life is crazy and I love it.

So apparently i'm out of shape. Thats no news. But geez I didn't think that raking leaves for just an hour would make me as sore as I am. I can't stand up straight and I cant bend over. Thanks to Kate's good advice, my abs hurt too :)
We had fun though.. see...

Olivia is too cute for her own good.

I'm afraid that if Camille has more babies I wont be able to love them as much as I do Olivia. I asked mom about that too. If she ever felt like Katie was just so fantastic that she might not love her next babies as much. She said that was absurd haha. Fiiiine.

Celisse was in town, we all went to Citris Grill. The food was mediocre, but its good time with my girls.

Sarah hand delivered her invite to my bedroom last night. Its cute and simple and I love it. I love that they didn't include engagement photos. That is just sooo not Sarah. SO ya, countdown is ON baby its on like donkey kong. 16 days. She is probably trippin balls. I don't think she is ready. But who is honestly?

So having my BFF get married means there are a couple things in store for me. First, I have to move. I have a couple different options as far as moving goes, i'm still trying to decide but its hard. I can do one of the following:
-Stay in my house with Mary until my lease is up
-Move somewhere with Mary at the end of this month, or at the end of May.
-Move somewhere by myself at the end of this month, or at the end of May.
-become the most good looking hobo in SLC
-Move to Canada and make a living in the film industry. Jk.

I love house hunting, its one of my favorite things to do. I plan on stickin to my favorite hot spots. Downtown, sugarhouse, aves, anywhere around liberty park would be fun. So I guess we'll just see. I'm in no rush, and im not about to just pick the cheapest place I find.. I'm damn picky this time around. No more stupid small kitchen and NO MORE SLANTY SHOWER!!!!

Secondly- having my BFF get married... means i'm gonna be a tad lonely. I'm trying to keep myself distracted til then. Doesnt feel real but hey, this is life and thats what we do ain't it? We grow up, get married, make babies, and die.

Mom better have gone to the Doc today. She has this stupid cold for... ever. Herroooo!! Take caaare of iiit!!!

Lots of new developments at work, but I wont bore yall.
I will however, bore yall with pictures of my cats and other miscellaneous things I do.