Monday, February 23, 2009

can haz?

Who wants summer back? Raise them hands in the air!

I miss my old life really hard sometimes.

Not to say my current life is bad. It isn't, it's actually quite swell. I just miss certain feelings and smells and routines. I haven't quite found my groove yet in my new place. Still trying to put together my bedroom (if anyone out there has any old furniture i.e. bookshelves, tables, lamps that they want to give me, please, holler at me) and its hard without proper funds and creative mind.
Hey Sarah, i'll pay you in burritos if you fly out here and arrange my house in a cozy fashion.

I stayed at my parents house last night. It did feel grand and safe and for a moment I missed that security too. Knowing that my dad is upstairs *sleeping* just gives me this sense of peace. Like nothing can go wrong when I am there. What can I say? They built a home on love and comfort and friendship. Someday i'll have my own, I hope :) So thanks for letting me stay guys. I know I can obviously come stay anytime I want but it felt good when you begged a little hehe.

Remember when I asked how it was possible to misplace a cat? Well don't worry (I know you were losing sleep over this) because I found him. Elton was in the closet INSIDE of a suitcase just chillin, kickin it, hanging out by his lonesome. I bet he was all sorts of thrilled to have found such a bad ass hiding spot. Ha! Even mom cant find me here! So of course I zipped up the suitcase and we are trying to block the door with a giant mirror. That's right folks, Elton has come out of the closet once and for all.

What does it even mean to say once and for all?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

to be or not to be

I have come to a crossroads in my life. I debated whether I should bring it up with you guys, tossed the idea around in my head but I have decided I must get your advice.
I realize today I have to ask myself something very serious. A question of epic proportions. A question that may or may not change the course of my life. A questions where, in a perfect world, there would never be a need for it.
You wanna know what it is don't you?

  • Pad Thai
  • Miso Soup
  • Kung Pao
  • Sweet and sour Chikn
  • Spring rolls
  • Wontons
  • Hot and Sour Soup
  • Vegetable Tempura
  • Udon Noodles
  • Fried Rice

You get the point.

Is it possible for me to love someone who doesn't appreciate Asian Cuisine?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

return of the undead, to me.

I watched Resident Evil: Extinction and Oh. MY. Gosh. It was freaking awesome. It had been a really long time since i'd watched a new flesh eating flick. Milla Jovovich is a bad ass with a machete. I know none of you will ever watch it but I still just had to give it 5 stars and both thumbs up.

How do you misplace a cat?

Sunday, February 15, 2009


How awesome this used to be?


Friday, February 13, 2009


I am sick and I want my mother to take care of me.
I should probably go to the gym. 

Thats all for now, sorry, I'll post more later. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Not last night but the night before I did something that... I never imagined I would do in my entire life. I made this recipe right here and as you can see it calls for an absurd amount of onions. Normally when im recipe browsing I just skip over nonsense like this but I couldn't... I had to eat these.

So I'm just here to tell you guys that for the first time ever in my life I willingly allowed onions to be placed inside my meal. They were chopped finely. Very very fine. And then sauteed to make them like mush.

Anyway, if you know me, you know that its kind of big deal.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

only 3 cloves

KC likes to tease me about how much garlic I wanted to put in our mashed potatoes one time. I was suggesting 3 or 4 cloves and everyone just laughed at me. Apparently my family just doesn't enjoy garlic the way I do. Or maybe they don't enjoy smelling funny for a few days after a delicious meal. Either way, my 4 clove suggestion was over ridden.

BUT now that I live on my own I can put as much damn garlic in my taters as I please. I cook almost everything with garlic infused oil. Last night was magical as I boiled my baby reds (with the skin on) with a clove of garlic in the pot. Then once they were tender I chopped up a couple more cloves of garlic and mushed those babies up with some soy milk and earth balance "butter" and my goodness they were satisfying. In addition to my taters I pan fried some sesame peanut marinaded tofu. I also had my first go at brussel sprouts. I was a little nervous because i've never eaten or cooked them in my life but I love me some vegetables and most people rave about how tasty and simple these babies are. And people are right! Lisa found a recipe for me and I dont remember where she got it, nor do I recall if I followed it correctly. Basically just trim up the brussels and cut them in half. Dip the flat side of each half in olive oil and pan fry them. Sprinkle with some salt. I used garlic sea salt :)

I don't know why I felt like sharing this but... hey maybe i'll inspire someone to try a new vegetable. Don't be afraid!!

Just in case you forgot about those two huge furry beasts I give care to... They're still huge and furry and cuter than your cats.

All I want to do is ride my bike.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cheezy poofs

Just some pictures to show all of yall what i've been doing lately.

Hanging out with my sweet sweet mother, I think at this moment we were scarfing down some home made pretzels. Divine! Mom and Dad are going on a cruise soon, how awesome would that be? To flee the country with the one you love? Enjoy it mom, and dont worry about the boy i'll take care of him.

Umm Just a reminder that my cats are still amazing. Elton gets larger every day. Coop has been sick lately, throwing up a lot. Not sure what to do about it :(

And here my friends... here is what i've really been doing the past few days. Riding my freaking new bike man. I have a friend who is incredibly bike savvy and very kind and helpful to me. I was having trouble getting all the parts for my pretty red Bianchi frame because of stupid complications with the fork. The frame i'm riding on now is actually one I bought at a yard sale a couple years ago, then I sold it to Seth. And it's been decorating his room ever since. We took it off the wall and some how managed to pull together all the parts needed to make this pretty baby glide. It was originally a 10 speed but im riding it as a fixed gear. Don't worry mom and dad I have a front brake on it. I'm really trying not to use the brake though actually and I can seriously feel my legs getting stronger after only 3 days of riding it. It feels incredible. Seth insists that I must keep the front brake on there so that I can continue to live and love all of you. I know its February and its bloody cold outside but with some gloves and a coat its perfect. Riding my bike has made me want to be a better driver. It's funny to see all the stupid things that people in cars do, things that I know I do or have done before. You really really have to watch out and make sure you are careful and make sure the cars can see you. Last night when I was riding in the bike lane on a very well lit road, some dumb broad FLINGS OPEN her car door right in front of me, literally a foot away from me I could been hurt real bad but I swerved and ripped some expensive pumas haha. Oh well. More bike stories to come.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Why do cats throw up?