Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dear Dad,

How are you today?
I am great. I was wondering, how is it possible that you do not like Asparagus?
Please write back as soon as possible.
See you later.
Sincerely, Me

And I don't like star wars

Elton is sweet.

I got my cake decorating set in the mail!
It was a lot smaller than I had expected but it is still really freakin cool. It came at a perfect time too. I was baking cupcakes and I said to my mom, "oh I wish I had my new cake decorating stuff so I could put carrots on these cupcakes" and my mom said, "oh I think I saw a package on the front porch!" And sure enough, there was my package! Sent in an unusually large box for how small of an item it was :)

After baking cupcakes, showering, making dinner, reading for an hour... I met up with Sarah, Mike, Coco, Patrick, Brian and his lady friend (I cant remember her name, sorry), and Aaron (Sarah and Brians cousin), we all walked over to Taylorsville Dayzz (thats right folks, dayZZ) and we picked the most perfect spot to watch the fireworks from. We got there near the tail end of the Neil Diamond tribute band. That was... interesting :) No one compares to Neil but I suppose these guys did a decent job. Then... THEN the fireworks came and they were EPIC!!! I forgot how much I love firework shows! We laid back on the grass and I felt every boom and bang vibrate through my body. The vibrant colors wowed me, It looked as though they were going to fall right on our faces. And actually, we were so close that some debris WAS falling on us. There were big chunks of red flaming shit falling around us. It was fun :) I took some picture of the fireworks but they don't really do justice to what was actually going on.

So yeah I was pretty pleased. Although we did think it strange when, during the fireworks, they were playing beauty and the beasts "Be our Guest" But whatever.

I love my bike. I'm headed to the collective on Monday night after my hair appointment. A nice man named Jonathan is helping me put things together and order a new fork. So i'm looking forward to that.

Had dinner with Sarah on Friday night before the Blymiller wedding reception.

Where is my life going?

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ya know how a camel can go days in the desert without drinking water?
Well I can go all day without peeing.
For example, I've been awake since 7 and i've only peed once.
My mom would have gone pee about 7 times in this time span.
I can't explain it, its just how I roll.
Jelly roll.
Peanut butter Jelly time.

I love my cats did you guys know that?
They are still scared of my parents house and they stay in the bedroom, sometimes by choice but mostly because they have to or... everyone will die of allergies.
Every night when I spend some time alone in my incredibly messy room, they just lay down next to me and purr. I'm sure they miss running free and wild but as long as they still purr I don't care.
I know yall think i'm biased and that I love one cat more than the other but I swear I love them equally. Coop just does not like his picture being taken. Every time I aim the camera at him he just walks toward the camera and sniffs it so I cant actually get a decent picture of him unless he is sleeping or if I catch him off guard.

  • I was reading and elton just laid in front of me like this.

  • Again when I was reading he crawled up on my lap.

  • Coop also likes to watch me while I read. He look so handsome with his collar.

  • Elton & Coops favorite place :)

  • This is how work made me feel yesterday...

It was a long and frustrating day. But I survived! Wahoo!

Hey Kate- Whatever you do, I support you.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Post is for Sarah McAnderson

Sarah is my best friend in the entire world.
There are few people who I love as much as I do her.
We have spent countless hours together doing anything we could dream of.
It takes a lot of uncomfortable silences for two people to be able to sit together and communicate without words.
Its not like she's dying or anything. Just moving far away. I'll visit her i'm sure and she'll visit home often, I hope.
Just felt like giving a shout out.
A tribute if you will.
Some of these pictures are old, some of these pictures are new.

We probably should have paid better attention to the road.

Bachelorette party. Awesome.

I have no clue where we were or what we were doing in that picture.

Sarah liked to take my picture haha... she made me feel pretty :)

I think this was some time in December. Actually I think this was the party that we didn't mean to have. You know how you invite people and they invite people and THEY invite people? I ended up hiding in my room.

Sarah baked cookies. And we always burned them somehow. I think our oven/stove was prone to fires.

This picture was at stoneground... in the bathroom maybe? We love that place. Good food, and pooool tables.

This was at one of my old houses, on the pink porch couch. Twas perfect lighting, yes we really were that pasty.

Sarah does not like it when large dogs sit on her.

TCP show... no clue when but.. ya. We both look like idiots. Me especially, what the hell am I wearing?

Sarah making fun of the way I dance.

Yeah we're good looking, I know.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha One time, Sarah cut off all of her hair. By herself. It was... spectacular. This was right about the time we first met..




We ate a lot of breakfast.

I love this picture. It looks like we're holding hands but unfortunately, we're not.

She makes me laugh. Hard.

She introduced me to Sushi! In this photo she is also wearing blue and black, yes folks, it's true.

Yeah we rode our bikes in really short dresses once. We went to this greek place right around the corner from our house. I remember I got my food for free because I specifically told them I was "deathly allergic" to onions and they added onions anyway. It was not a good first time greek experience.

We sometimes take photos that we feel like are artsy. And then when we upload them on the computer we just laugh at our attempts.

Summer time :)


I love you Sarah McAnderson.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Holy Guacamole, we got chips.

The desire to have my own home has become overwhelming.
I realize that is probably not in my very near immediate future though. So right now my desire to decorate and arrange a new apartment for myself is overwhelming.
I even bid on some new items for my kitchen- that I don't have yet.

Don't get mad Camille :)

Like this and like that and like this and uhhh

I got a new mouse, and I love it.
Sooo smoooth.

I'm really starting to feel the emptiness that comes from the removal of tastespotting.
Kit you feelin it?
Food porn- Want.

I spent 2 hours, not consecutively, reading a cuddling with Elton yesterday.

Saw Mikayle- it was really really good to see her. Strange to go back in her moms house where I spent so much time growing up. We watched a somewhat scary movie. Although I find that Mikayle and I tend to laugh at scary movies more-so than be scared of them. She was always a really good friend to me and i'll always love her dearly.

I don't drink enough water. My pee smells. I go on water kicks. Sometimes i'll go a week or two and drink nothing but water and juice. And then suddenly all I want is soda and I forget that water even exists.

I really should shave my legs.

I love Elton. He is more braver than coop.

I'm getting fat. I know i'm not huge or obese or whatever. But i've got serious love handles and a gut like a pregnant woman. I don't feel like I over eat. But maybe I eat the wrong things at the wrong time. I eat salads, with fattening dressings haha. I eat rice, but I always but some of my earth balance butter on it. I eat veggie sammiches loaded with all sorts of veggie goodness. I do not exercise. I suppose that is a large contributing factor. I mean... I walk up the stairs sometimes. What more does my body want from me!?

I just wanted to be blonde again. Instead I have a jagged haircut and fried frizzy split ends. *criescriescries*

Camilles Flappers are improving. And whether Kate likes it or not, she'll be flapping next time she comes home.

I really would like a big burrito right now- this craving might explain what I said previously about being a fatty pants.

The cup i'm drinking from tastes like.... burning plastic.

My mom has a beautiful garden.

Things I want to try cooking, in so specific order-
  • Vegan Mac N Cheeze- just wanna see what it tastes like.
  • Spring rolls
  • Cream Cheese wontons
  • Pesto Sauce
  • Home made black bean burgers
  • Faux Chicken Enchiladas

  • Home made pizza dough with home made sauce and mushrooms and green peppers and different kinds of cheeses and olives and maybe even fake pepperoni or ham or something.
  • Eggplant curry- or any type of curry- mmm spicy indian food over white rice mmmm
  • Seitan- no guys not Satan. I want to try cooking with Seitan. Pronounced Say-tan. Not Say-tun. Anyway, its just a meat substitute, i've tried it before and it was damn tasty and very filling. I imagine it'd be a great thing to put in stir fry, over pastas, on pizza, in soups, who knows, the possibilities are endless.

That is all. Good day Mate.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Whenever I hear the song of a bird...

I wonder what that brick wall would feel like, colliding with hot metal and ripping off my legs.
Just a thought.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I am not PC- Politically Correct.
I say things like "deaffie" in reference to the deaf people I work with.
I also say Nig Nog sometimes.
I guess i'm a bad person.

I hate Juggalos.
I just have to share this... Kit sent it to me.

Please click on the link- it does swear once or twice so if that offends you, don't look.

Anyhoo. I know its sad that they lost their child, really, I feel sad about that. But I just don't understand these people.

What is the appeal?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What would I do without Paula?

I love my mom so freaking much.
Today she was helping me go through my closet and get rid of things I don't need/want/wear/never should have bought in the first place.
Just wanted to have a moment of silence for a few items....

The one. THE ONLY. Rainbow capey open front dress thing?

I know you're jealous.

Apparently these stripes brought out the fatty pants in me. Or so I heard.

Why is it so hard to let go? I wish I weren't so sentimental. There are a few items in my closet that I wasn't ready to let go of. I'm sure between my mom- Camille- and Kate, with severe convincing, these items will be gone soon.

Everyone come to our yard sale on Saturday... I have a feeling its going to be fun. Perhaps i'll bake cupcakes. Or maybe i'll set up a lemonade stand.

I feel like there are 100000 other things I could be doing instead of working right now.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hear me Roar

I look like a tiger.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why do I have to say English? I live in America.

I went to the ghetto mall on my lunch break, and i'm so glad I did.
Chinese gourmet serves vegan/vegetarian dishes!! Thank you little Asian lady!!
"my rittle sistah is a vegan"
Also- Hot dog on a stick now serves VEGGIE DOGS on a stick! How freaking awesome is that.
People are catching on, and hopefully, eventually everywhere will have tasty treats for me :)

I just want to bake- so that I don't have to think about everything going on in my life.

I have a great life- i'm not complaining. Just a lot going on. So much that... things that used to upset me, just make me feel nothing inside now.
I'd rather sit home with Olivia that do the things I used to do.
People keep saying "wow, you're living at home again? isn't that a big adjustment?"
But no- its not. Right now,Today, there is no where else I'd rather be than under the same roof as my mother and father.

The comfort level is overwhelming.
Eventually, at some point- i'll leave again. Probably in the next month or two. But right now this is exactly what I need. I need to be with the people who love me deeply and unconditionally.
It's really really hard finding out who your real friends are. Realizing that you can't trust 90% of mankind. People you thought loved and cared about you disappear when you need them the most.
People are all about convenience these days. Hence McDonalds. Walmart. You don't think about all the fecal matter and weird hormones that comes in your hamburgers. You don't care that some hard working woman with 7 kids gets paid less&less to make the shit you buy every day- just so that you can buy it cheaper. It seems convenient because its just sitting there all pretty on the shelf with a discounted price tag just for us. Do we even think about where it comes from? How it got to the shelf its sitting on? No we don't care, because we want it now, and there it is. It is no concern of ours where the shit we buy comes from.

But it should be.

Your toys and clothes don't just pop out of thin air. Everything is mass produced. Manufactured by someone else we'll never meet.
It freaks me out sometimes. But I try not to think about it. Just like you do when you bite down on your chicken nuggets. Don't think about it. Chickens don't even have nuggets. They do however have eyeballs, feet, brains and guts just like we do.
I love learning. But the more I learn- the more decisions I have to make. Thats just a part of life apparently.
But i'm learning that there is so much GREY area. Not everything is black and white wrong and right. Sometimes there is more than one right choice.
You'll tell me to pray to know which choices to make.
I don't want to get too deep into this topic but just to skim the surface.. (and I'd appreciate no judgement from anyone on this) When I think about prayer- and how I used to pray when I was littler- not even little- I think I stopped praying when I was 16. I can remember vividly the last few times I prayed and I felt nothing. I felt like I was talking to myself. (I know, I know, faith without works is nothing, aka praying without believing it'll work is useless) But still today thats how I feel about prayer. I won't say I never pray because, occasionally I catch myself talking to.. myself. I figure thats just my way of praying,sort of like self-manifestation. I say out loud to myself the things which my heart desires. I talk to myself about the options that I have, the pros and cons of each choice I could make. I talk to myself about where the outcome of the choice I make will lead me- and whether it will lead me to have to make more difficult decisions.
I do not mock or ridicule people who pray. I think its a great thing to do. If it helps you and it makes you feel better then by all means DO IT.
For me- Praying the way I used to- just didn't feel effective or useful.
Don't hate- its just how I do it.
I don't know where I was going with that anyway.

Gettin my hair done tomorrow- pretty excited :) Hopefully Keelee can fix my bangs. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to haircuts.
I once paid 40 dollars and got a pretty decent cut.
The other day I paid 3 dollars and uhh.... well now I have crooked bangs, bless the soul of that little barber in training.

Kate this comic is for both you and I.
For you because geeks ask you to dance.
And for me because I seem to be a magnet for boys who probably only pretended to like me because it was convenient at the time.

Where the hell did I go wrong?