Friday, August 29, 2008

I miss you Mom

It is my birthday weekend. I'll be 22 tomorrow.
My family went out of town to Lake Powell, I chose not to go. It's not my favorite place on earth so I opted to stay home with my meows. But now I miss my Mom.
It is OK though because today at work my fabulous boss Kristen and the lovely Liz brought me flowers and cake and balloons!! Yay!!! They love me!!

Cake +

Balloons + Flowers...

Equals Happy Candice.

Thanks to Kristen and Liz. You made my day :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Call I got this afternoon-

Me: Sorenson Communications Moving Program, how may I help you?
Customer: I want coffee.
Me: Haha what?
Customer: I called to order my coffee.
Me: *trying not to laugh* Ok Sir I'd love to help you but i'm not sure I understand. You said you want coffee, correct?
Customer: Yes. Coffee.
Me: Sorry, you'll have to call your local coffee shop to order that....
Customer: Fine, bye.

Is Elton the only sane soul I know?

Monday, August 25, 2008

And his mother cried as he walked out.. Don't take your guns to town son.

My idea of a luxurious life is having one of those purified-hot-cold-water-dispenser machines.

Some of you might appreciate this water fetish. Some might not understand. That's ok.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


People really post their birthing experiences, live, on youtube?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks my Mom and Dads 30th Anniversary.
Just wanted to express how much they mean to me, not only for everything they do for me but because of everything they do for each other.
My mom has got to be the most patient, tender, sincere person I've ever known, and my father is the hardest working, most encouraging, loving man I ever met.
I thank my lucky stars they met and fell in love.
They have raised (Are raising still) 4 of the most different individuals you'll come across.
How we all mesh together and love each other like friends, instead of siblings, is beyond me.

So hey, If my parents can do it, then maybe true love does exist.

I love you guys. Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I would never take Valium recreationally.... again.

Camille is having a root canal today, bless her poor little mouth.
I know what that is like, I had 4. I'm sure many of you have also had root canals and know that they are not pleasant. I was lucky enough to get laughing gas and a prescription for Valium for after. I do not like pills, I never have. Which is good I think my dislike for swallowing pills has kept me out of trouble haha. Camille I wish you were here so I could hug you and kiss you and feed you ice creams. But soon. T Minus 3 days.
Don't worry Mom, i'll clean my room I swear.
My mom and I busted out the most aesthetically pleasing cake I have ever made, so far. (I plan to make many glorious layered creations in the future, im a beginner, give me a break)

Chocoaltey with frosting that resembled marshmallow creme. Mmmmm I say. MMMm.

So if any of you have ever been to one of the many places i've lived in the past couple of years you will have met our friend the pink couch. I love this little couch. He may have even made a debut in a previous blog. I couldn't even begin to tell you of all the excellent memories I have made on the pink couch. But the thing is... Pink Couch is an outside friend. He looked so pretty on our porch. He endured through many rain/snow storms. That might be a contributing factor to why pink couch is now... pastel and faded, covered in stains, and cobwebs.
I'm sorry pink couch, I really did love you. Just not enough to reupholster you.

Farewell. Maybe someday we'll meet again. Thanks for hauling it off Dad, otherwise... it would have graced my new porch, wherever my new porch may be...

I hope I can find a pattern so that my mom can sew me a dress like this... Make fun all you want, I don't care at all. I love this dress and any other floor length, high necked, lacy, empire waisted, crazy dress I can find.

Thats all.


I dated a guy once who told me that he liked his coffee black.
But he hadn't Always liked his coffee black, it was more of a "once you go black you never go back" type of a thing.
I tried it, but I hated it. I need a lil bit of sugar in my coffee.
But for some reason, when I feel a little blue, I drink my coffee black.

Even though I don't like it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Do you believe?

In horoscopes?
I don't, at all really but somehow i've been set up to receive a daily horoscope in my email, which comes to my phone. Sometimes I delete this email before even reading it. I would say maybe 4 times a month I actually read it, and 3 out of those 4 times I go.. "pffff ya right.. maybe for some other virgo..." But today my horoscope spoke to me, uh huh yes it did.
And it said,

You will know that thoughts of passion are now deflated by the illusions a partner had about you. The tension between true and false is uncomfortably apparent. Look to move on rather than change who you are to fit someone else's desires."

It fit so perfectly with how my heart feels and what my head knows. "The tension between true and false is uncomfortably apparent. Look to move on..."

Anyway, like I said, I don't actually believe in horoscopes and what not. I just found it eerie how accurate this one was for me. I tell myself to move on every single day but I never listen to my own advice, just like little Alice in wonderland. Maybe someday.

Yaaaaay Camille and Kate and Liv will be home this weekend I am so freaking excited. My parents host an annual luau in our backyard and that will take place this weekend. Its always really fun. I'm not terribly excited about the whole "roast-a-pig-in-a-hole-and-smell-the-leftovers-in-my-moms-fridge-for-a-week" part. But the rest of it is super.

I think I forgot to tell the story about the time, last week, when the love of our lives, our one and only Kitchen Aid Mixer had a near death experience. We were beating the sugar and the butter, beginning the magical cupcake process when the mixer started to make loud scary noises such as "ker plunk ker plunk" or something like that. So we turned him off and investigated. The pin that holds the top part into the bottom part was falling out, causing it to flop all over the place. We stared, we frowned:

We tried to put the pin back in but no matter how hard we shoved or twisted it just would not return it its proper place. I started to panic. Oh no! How will we ever live without this member of our family? I took the pin all the way out and removed the top part. It was heavy. We saw a perfect hole where the pin should fit and it just wasn't making sense why it wouldn't GO BACK IN THE HOLE!! ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR YOUR HOME PIN? As I was trying to put the top part back on, and give it one more try, suddenly the pin fit just fine and it came back to life and we made this face:

And then we made oreo cupcakes and they were good. I need a nicer camera so that I can take pretty pictures of the pretty things I make. But for now, I just set the cupcake next to our piglet friend:

The end.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh man...

I love my job.
I love that special time of year when we take photos for the company retreat.
Just thought i'd share this with you guys, not that anyone cares at all what the people I work with look like.

From Left to right: Gary, Candice, Brittany, Kim, Kristen, Liz.
Bottom Row: Dennis, Chad, Ed
I'd give anyone 5 dollars if they could tell me which 4 of that group are deaf :)

We thought it would be funny to climb in Chad's car and take a picture(I do not know why I was smiling like that). It was funny. Especially when....

I couldn't get out!!!

Anyway, we're a crazy bunch but it sure is fun.


I have a friend who grew up with a step-dad who was a Nazi. A cleaning Nazi.
She would get grounded if she left the milk out for 10 seconds longer than it took he to pour a drink He made her vacuum all the stairs everyday. If she neglected to do any of her daily chores she would be grounded for weeks.

I recently found out he made her rake the carpet. YES RAKE THE CARPET!!!

I am so grateful for my parents. I wouldn't change a thing about the way I was raised.
Just thought they should know.

Monday, August 4, 2008

A few matters of interest....

Sometimes when I sit at my desk, my body feels like its floating somewhere else and in my head I think, "Damn I need a seat belt"

No joke.

Note to self: Do not drive to the Spiral Jetty, just look at pretty pictures of it.

I need to bring floss to work. Sometimes I get insane urges to floss like right NOW.

We stole this sign:

I haven't baked since Camille left. It was like the little muffin tin inside me rotted and I crapped it out. I am going to try tonight, we'll see how it goes.

Camille said Olivia can say encyclopedia and octopus. I don't believe her, but I do believe that Olivia is still cuter than anyone else child on the entire planet.
Proof, as if you needed any:

Pillow Fight?

I think I fall in love with him more and more everyday.