Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 things

First and foremost I have:

Secondly, this is Camille when she grows all the way up, and Olivia has grandchildren and they crap their swimsuits:


double-jointed sentence structures said...

tee hee, I laughed so hard at that second one I almost peed a little.

kat said...

That picture is the best! It kind of looks like Grandma J too-can't you just picture her doing to one of the boys? I wonder how many hours she spent spraying the sidewalks down with the hose? Miss her :)

Camille said...

2 more things:
*I Will wear moo moos like that
*Liv hates hoses now.

You are hilarious! Where would you be browsing to find a picture of that nature? Yikes!