Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Just got some temporarily comforting news about a loved ones health and I couldn't be more full of gratitude. Health is something I've always taken for granted because I've never been really sick and i've never had to watch any of my closest friends and family (other than grandma J who was a champion and grandma B who is really old and still super bad ass) suffer or endure illness.

KC said he was homesick in his last letter. I vote that he isn't allowed to say things like that.

Confused by the mixture of melancholy and relief and fear and worry and gratefulness.

I think i'll have a good cry when I get off work.

I know i've shown you this before but I want to look at it some more :)


Pollywog said...

Hmmmm. I've been feeling the same way. Kind of an overload of emotion these past few weeks! Come on over...I'll get out the hankies.

Angie said...

Its hard to have brothers say things like that when there isn't anything we can do. Maybe a letter of love needs to be written? I hope you feel better soon!