Monday, March 29, 2010

guess what guys!!!

I ate onions.


Kcscrystal said...

Were they cooked or raw? I can handle cooked onions, but I hate, HATE, raw onions. ick.

lessdirtydirt said...

I dont do onions. Period. The end. Everyone says its all in my mind but im serious! I will vomit on the spot! But these.... they had been marinated for a really long time and they didnt taste like onions. so the combination of no crunch plus not tasting like onions made it sort of delightful.


Kcscrystal said...

Oh like the pickled kind that you can put in a bloody mary? Those aRe actually tasty. (because they taste nothing like onions)
Well as a fellow onion hater, I am proud. You deserve a gold foil star! :)


Me too!! Arent they the worst?? Yuck