Friday, August 27, 2010

better late than never?

Happy Anniversary to the coolest parents in the world.

Thirty-Two years is a long ass time. Both my mother and father are the most patient, genuine kind hearted people I've met in my short life. If you know them, you know this to be fact.
I am so grateful for the example of unconditional love they set for us. I hope someday someone will love me that much!!


kat said...

No doubt in my mind that you will have this love...they are pretty exceptional though, maybe you could shoot for a close 2nd?! I'm glad I was there to witness this picture...I was thinking of their relationship as I watched this moment captured as well, glad I was there-you can feel it.

Angie said...

your parents do rock! They are the kindest people. so glad to have them in my life and you:)