Sunday, October 3, 2010


September is a wild month with lots of fantastic things to celebrate. My sister Camille and her husband have their wedding anniversary, his birthday, then her birthday all in a week span. They don't live here but it was still on my mind and I sent them a (late, sorry) package.

After that we have Megans birthday which was AWESOME. She had a gangster themed party and insisted that everyone dress up. Any type of gangster from any time period or culture. Since I had just finished reading Tough Jews, my idea of what a true legit gangster was had changed. So Aaron and I went as old fashion mobsters. He being the mobster and me being the mobsters lady. Bonnie and Clyde style except for the part where we dress better. We had a great time. I gave Meg a scarf that I never would have even dreamed of finishing if it weren't for Paulas help. She crochets about 75 hooks per minute without even looking. Anyway, Megs party was great and Aaron got to meet a lot of my friends that he probably never would have otherwise.

Then came Aarons birthday! We decided to go camping and after a night in Mesquite at his grandmas we went to Zion. I knew I had been there once when I was really little (and I hated hiking) but I didn't remember it so I count this as my first time going there. It is incredibly beautiful and we did a bunch of little hikes. It was pretty touristy in comparison with the other places i've camped and hiked at but it didn't matter. I could be down in a mine shaft with aaron and it wouldn't matter. I just enjoy his company.

In between all of that fun stuff i've still been working at Sorenson and going to school. I love school. I get A's on my math tests even though i'm horrible at math. Granted, it is only pre algebra, but fractions aren't my friends!!

Sarah and Mike are settled in London. Notting Hill to be exact. I try to email her every day and we keep in touch via the internet. I'm hoping to skype with her tonight. She seems to be having an alright time. What would you do if you got to live in London for 9 months and not even have to work? I hope she takes advantage of the time she has and really taps into her creative side. She has an eye for beauty like no one else I know and is capable of taking beautiful photos and painting wonderous things.

Life is good.


Kcscrystal said...

Your "mobster lady" outfit is AWESOME!!!

Angie said...

sounds like you have had lots of fun! Glad you could find someone that treats you so well. You deserve the best:)