Friday, March 25, 2011

Doin it.

Just saw this 30 day challenge on Says blog and thought I'd jump on the train too.

So here we go:
1. Your current facebook picture

Sarah took this picture one evening at my apartment with some friends. Elton sits on my shoulder like that every morning. He likes to walk around with me but doesn't usually do this when others are there. A bit shy I guess but he comes out to play for Sarah because she is their long lost mother.

2. A picture of yourself a year ago
3. A picture that makes you smile
4. A photo of your favorite musician/band
5. A photo of your Tumblr Crushes
6. A Picture of what you ate today
7. A picture of you when you were little
8. A picture with someone you love
9. A picture of you with friends
10. A picture of you with family
11. A picture that your hair looks nice in
12. A picture of you with pets
13. A picture of you hugging someone
14. A picture of you and your best friend
15. A picture of you today
16. A picture from the last time you went out of town
17. A picture of your favorite movie
18. A picture of a celebrity you find attractive
19. A picture that means a lot to you but not many people will understand
20. A picture of your favorite meme
21. A picture of your favorite video game
22. A picture of someone from your favorite sports team
23. A picture of your city
24. A picture of your desktop
25. A picture of the weather
26. A picture of you doing something physical
27. A picture of you with beautiful scenery
28. A picture of something you despise
29. A picture of something you miss
30. Anything!

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