Monday, April 11, 2011

I gave up.

Clearly I have given up on the 30 day photo challenge. It was fun for a minute but I just can't blog every single day.
I have a lot going on right now. This semester is coming to an end and even though my workload is light it still stresses me out beyond belief. I don't test well. I get so nervous and anxious and suddenly everything I learned is gone out the window. I am really grateful that I have the opportunity to continue learning though and I'm trying not to mess it up.
Grandma is still living at my moms house. I am enjoying Sunday visits even though they have become more and more saddening. I don't know how my mom does this every day. Camille and I have decided that none of us are going to get old, we're all just going to die in a freak gasoline fight. Since i'm not having kids it really worries me that i'm going to be old and no one will be there to take care of me. I guess we'll see what happens.
I'm moving out of my apartment at the end of May. I pray everything goes well and works out like i'm planning. Megans fiance owns a house and the people living in it now will be moving out so that is where I plan to go. The house has a great backyard and I would be able to plant a garden! Plus having your best friends husband as your landlord is probably nice.
Sarah is coming home at the end of May. Its going to be the best summer ever.

I have so much to look forward to and life is good.


kat said...

You are going to ROCK your tests, you dominate your job and all managerial skillz, and you and Camille are right...we are NEVER getting old. The end.

mary beth said...

Bummer, i enjoyed all your photos.

Kara said...

I loved looking through your pictures! I think I am going to do it! Let me know if you have a day off in the near future. We coul pack a lunch and go to a park for a picnic!!