Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just for you :)

Hey guys.
Yes yes I created this blog so that you could hear about my life.
Although you know I have another blog, that isn't politically correct, or appropriate for children, to say the least, I thought it would be fun to have another one so that yall who give a crap can be up to date with my life...
Just wanna preface this by saying I got a new keyboard today and oh my goodness it feel so good. Kinda like getting new tires on your car, you feel like you're floating on a cloud, not driving. I feel like my fingers are typing... through... butter... or something. Its magnificent and smooth.

Moving on. Work is always more exciting on Thursdays. I think that is because we have our sales meeting and it makes me feel like i'm actually important and valuable to the company. When in reality i'm at the bottom of the totem pole, barely a goldfish in this big sea. Plus I love watching people sign. I feel like I learn new signs everyday just from watching other people communicate. Its kinda funny because these deaf folks probably think i'm eves dropping on their conversations because I stare at them with wide eyes and my jaw dropped in amazement, but I actually have no clue what they're talking about. Rest easy deaffies, I do not understand your language... YET!

Easter sure is coming early this year. I keep forgetting that its this weekend. I'll be honest and go ahead and admit that its one of my least favorite holidays. I can't really think of any specific reason why that is... but... I do know the only things I enjoy about it are...
-Katie comes to town
-The look on my dads face as we search for our easter baskets. He is the evil bunny. And i'm so glad that our family carries on this tradition. Most families probably stop hiding easter baskets once the kids get older and realize the bunny ain't real. But it gives my father SO MUCH JOY to watch us squirm about desperately seeking for the goods. My mom always hides my dads basket... I think we should help her with this this year because he seems to always find it pretty fast.
-Those malt covered miniature chocolate eggs. I think they're made by cadbury but they melt in your mouth and mmmmmmmmm

So hey those are some things I have to look forward to this weekend. Also we're having a bachelorette party for Sarah. This should be a riot. She chose this option, as opposed to having a formal bridal shower with her girlfriends. I don't really give a shit either way. I just want to spend as much time with her as I can before she is whisked away to far off lands. Pff. Law school.

I guess Kate gave her job a 1 year commitment (I think it was one year, or 6 months) so that means she will not be moving home anymore :( I know she'd never believe me but I was really excited to learn that she was coming home. I think everyone was. Even our neighbors and family friends miss kate. I hope she realized the support network she has here and that there are so many, SO MANY people she can call for just about anything. We truly are lucky to have been raised the way we were. Constantly surrounded by friends who are more like family than anything. I don't think I have many friends who understand what this is like. I know almost every single person who lives on my street. (my parents street that is) When I meet people who have lived in the same house for a long time, and I come to find out that they don't know their neighbors I think... how the hell do you not know your neighbors? Who do you borrow sugar from? Who do you try to one up with your fabulous flower beds? Hah.

I'm wearing my new easter dress today. Its real cute, thank you ebay. Obviously it looks better on me, than it does on the mannequin ;) And yes folks that is the correct spelling for mannequin, I had to it myself.

Today, I was thinking how cool it would be if my cats were life size. I know some of you might mock me for this but how bad ass would it be if I could just be like, "Hey elton, grab me a glass of water" And he walked on his two little furry legs to the kitchen and poured me a glass. Then he rubbed my back. You know you wish this too.


Spencer and Heather said...

Candice! I love you! I can already tell I am going to love reading your blog! You make me laugh! It reminds me when I use to get cute little letters in the mail from you. They were always so funny. I think I even still have them! Thanks for creating a blog that I can read!!

Spencer and Heather said...

By the way... Love your dress!!

Kara said...

Ha Ha Ha! YOU are the geek in pink!! I am so happy that you started a blog to appease me! :) Ummm... and did you really just admit to liking the smell of the bathrooms at work?!! Ha Ha ha, you are freaking hilarious and don't lie! We all know that you get high off of sharpies. You were that kid in school that had to get their markers taken away because instead of doing the assignment you sniffed your markers instead! LOL! I freaking love you and can't wait to mock you via email. :) You are my bug fat fav!