Friday, March 21, 2008

I love...

working on my day off.... PSYCHE!!!

But I do love some things, and sometimes I like to make lists of things that i'm grateful for. Or things that make me happy... just to remind myself that life ain't so bad. And I really don't have much to complain about.
So here it goes.

-my moms peanut butter and honey sandwiches
-weather like todays
-legit scary movies
-dollar theatres
-hand holding
-boys who are down to just makeout. why doesn't anyone just makeout anymore?
-coconut cream pie
-moms home made oreo cookies
-hearing my cats meow
-watching old people hold hands and help each other, its always hopeful seeing old ass couples who are still in love.
-meeting new people who I have something in common with
-meeting a hot boy in the horror section at blockbuster, who proceeds to tell me he watches zombie films while petting his cat. umm love?
-disposable cameras
-getting a nice tan-which I never do-but when I do I always feel a tad more attractive
-having my hair washed by someone else
-anything furry with a heartbeat.
-successfully baking anything without burning
-seeing old friends
-disney movies with my sisters
-phase 10 with my family
-the smell of the bathrooms at work
-getting my hair did. and not paying 40 dollars for a haircut
-real taco on state st and 2nd south. best mexican street burrito vender i've ever seen.
-90s jams on the radio.
-hitting every green light on my way home from work
-the first sip of a pepsi
-road trips- this is one thing my friends would always ask me about, "how can you handle driving 12 hours in the car with your siblings?!?!?" And to me its like uhh duh? We sing our hearts out, give back tickles, take naps, watch movies, discuss stuff. In all honestly, I can't think of anyone else i'd rather be in a car with for long periods of time. And I know this from experience. Having driven 22 freaking hours, straight to iowa, with Nate the chain smoker, and seth the fuzzy-nazi, I can say that I have road trip preferences. Who else will belt wilson phillips or will smith with me, honestly.
-when dad cracks my toes
-text messaging
-my oil burner
-seeing pictures of myself i've never seen before- that sounds vain, but i'm being honest
-sniffing sharpies-dont worry, im not getting stoned over here off my sharpie, but a sniff every now and then ain't too harmful is it?

Ok thats all I can come up with at this point.

Last night I saw No country for old men. Went with Kit, cory, and sam. Kit and cory are pretty cute. He seems to like her a lot. Sam was anti-gay as per usual, wouldnt even hold my hand. However he did drive my car for me, because my license was suspended. It is no longer suspended as of today. Hahahah but OMG I have to take the written driving test again in order to get a new DL. Uhhh does ANYONE remember what was on the test? I sure as hell dont. But i've heard its open book, so uhh, wish me luck folks.

Kate gets in toniiiiight. Woo hoody hoo.


DeJong Family said...

Candy! Its Katie Child...what the heck is up? You seriously are so freaking funny, I was reading your blog and bustin' up. Sounds like all is well your way, I thought I would drop you a line ok a couple and say HELLO!

Kara said...

Helllllllo! Update me! Step it up a notch would ya! Jk I know I know you are busy blah blah blah. I just love ya so much I can't help it :)