Sunday, June 7, 2009


Boyz II Men were right. It IS so hard to say goodbye. At least I know my friends aren't dead and i'll see them again. That is always comforting.
This morning as I strangled (hugged) Meg goodbye and she told me its ok it won't be that long, she promised... I felt a little nibble of my heart break away. I watched it float away beside her. I know that 4 months isn't very long, the time really isn't even the biggest concern for me. I only worry for her happiness. I never want her to feel lonely or far away, and I know she will and I hate it. I hope that she has enough fun to keep it balanced.

Colby called me shortly after to ask if I had his Notorious BIG movie. No buddy, sorry. He's leaving here in a few hours too, for the whole summer. I didn't have a chance to say bye. Be safe Colby don't get into trouble please!!

AJ I didn't see you for a farewell either. Maybe its better this way, who needs sloppy sad goodbyes anyway, right? I love you Man.

KC you can't leave yet. Thanks.

Next weekend- Off to the beach to achieve the following:
Livvy kisses
happy family time
livvy kisses.


kat said...

And that is only the beginning of the list of things we're going to do!!! I HATE GOODBYES! you're not leaving here and neither is the boy! xoxo T - 5 days!

Camille said...

Why am I crying reading this? Emotional wreck?! I HATE goodbyes also. Bad. We have a lot of them coming up. Get your umbrellas rrrreeeaadddyyyyy!