Monday, June 22, 2009

rustic? nah.

I am alive, for those of you who wondered. Ok none of you wondered that.

If you read my mom or sisters blog then you saw that we had an incredible time in California. The weather was gloomy, just like I likes it. Not too hot but still hot enough for me to get swass and a little bitty sunburn. I personally enjoy the rain and don't mind the clouds one bit. As long as it isn't snowing I don't care if its a little bit cold. I'd rather put on a jacket and shiver than have sweat in my butt crack. Too Much Info? Sorry! My camera died the day we got there so all the pictures I have are crappy and just from my phone.

I look angry, but I was just squinting at the sun.

Livvy had so much fun feeding the seagulls some popcorn. Ok so did me and mom. :)

I made spicy yellow curry, it was delicious.

And Megan even came to play with us! I was so happy! She brought Ryder and Jilly. Ryder and Olivia are in love, I decided. Her sweet mom is spending time in LA with her and taking care of Ryder during the days when Meg is busy. I missed her a lot but was so lucky I got to see her. We'll make it through the summer, I know now :)
Oh and yes, I did get a new car recently, I am very happy with it. I actually feel safe and i'm not scared that my hood will fly up and kill me, and its great that my friends and family can actually open the passenger doors instead of climbing in nascar style. Although I think some of you liked that....

There is a nifty little slot where you can set the gas cap down while you're filling up. Does YOUR car do that? ha!

Oh yes I moved also...

More on that later.


Camille said...

You have way too much going on to not blog. Please more photos of the pad. I can't wait to see it!

Seth said...

You did move, minus the moving part ;) <3

kat said...

Hell-O! You make it sound like it was cloudy and rainy and stormy the whole time you guys were here silly-it was only cloudy on Monday afternoon! And the curry was the highlight of the trip? Sad! You're going to need to redeem yourself missy!