Sunday, August 30, 2009


I turned 23 today. I feel the same. I have the best friends and family ever. I got way more than I deserved.

Tea Kettle
Food chopper
Shower curtain!
New make up
Pretty dress
breakfast in bed.

I'm seriously spoiled.

I would only alter one thing- I need my siblings here. And this little lady:

Life has been wild lately. I feel like i'm always waiting for the next thing to happen. I really want to slow down and let today happen.

I guess we'll see.

Thanks everyone. Great brithday.


Pollywog said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! Loved spending the day with you.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday cute cousin! I am glad you had a great day. Oh to be 23 again and less stressed. It would be so nice to turn back the clock and slow life down till now again. Looks like you got a bunch of great things you deserve it! love ya