Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My girl Meg came home just in time for us to celebrate her birthday! (I'm a little late on posting this) We had a quiet lovely dinner at her house. She's been in and out of town since then and I always feel a little void in my life when she leaves. We keep in touch really well. Calls, texts, pictures every day. So that has made it a little easier. I'm proud of her and am always amazed at her ability to stay strong when things go wrong, and they often do.

Meg, Ryder, and myself. That dress makes me look poofy. Oh well.

Relaxing after Ryd goes to sleep :)

While my parents were gone I was in charge of watering the flowers (FAIL) and taking care of Lizzy and getting the mail Etc Etc. For about the first week, Lizzy would not eat. I did everything I could. I was literally pelting her with kibbles and bits. I visited her every day on my lunch break and her bowl was always full. I would call Katie and Camille and they'd try to comfort me and give me advice. I was going to take her to the vet after about 7 days of her not eating. I came over with Lisa and half the bowl of food was gone! I was so relieved! Lizzy is an essential part of our family. I can not imagine things without her. We've always had pets (dogs, cats, birds, lizards) growing up but I've never bonded with any of them like I have with her. She is a constant reminder to me of why I don't eat animals :) I'm grateful my parents always raised us with pets.

If any of you like zombies, A LOT, please send me an email to catandice@gmail.com. We have some things to discuss.


Camille said...

Lizzie IS an essential part of the fam. Liv is obsessed with her. you look gorgeous in these fotos. Beefcake?

Kara said...

Sweet cheeks, you definitly don't look anything hot in that dress!

Holly said...

Speaking of Zombies, have you seen that movie Zombie Land? Totally funny!