Tuesday, November 10, 2009

what a girl wants part 4

I want:

- big bowl of brussels cooked the one special way
- someone to do my dishes
- 3 more cats
- to write a book
- my sisters to come home
- more cook books
- a new couch
- to find a new job as someones personal assistant but get paid MORE
- to stop complaining and just be happy as is.


Say and the City said...

buck up camper! We all want better furniture, sister time, more money, more cookbooks and brussels. Just be happy you have 2 cats, 2 sisters, a couch (although hairy and torn) and super marketplaces (sigh). I heart you, be happy, be pretty and go to the store and try new perfume, it's my lil pick me up.

Don't judge me because I like my "lady gaga" station on pandora. Dance party.

kat said...

I love you and I'm coming home in T minus 2 weeks today!! woo hoo!!! xoxo

Sarcastic Seth said...

I need some brussels too...I will take your couch off your hands whenever you are ready :)

Angie said...

Candy! You are loved lots by me and we could all use a few more cookbooks! Hey there is always grandmas old couch you might have to clean it first:) Keep smiling cause your the best!