Tuesday, May 18, 2010

and then we golfed

My cousin Brian got married to the most fun beautiful woman this past weekend. Everything was gorgeous and perfect for their day. Fortunately for us, they had it at La Caille so we had the opportunity to golf, chase peacocks, and dance. For more details you can visit my mothers blog here.

May is a busy month!! I have my dads, sarahs, and seths birthday. Mothers day. Weddings. And overall springtime madness. Staying busy is good though when you're a basket case like me.

If you were wondering my cat Coop, who was recently very sick, is doing much better now. He is eating on his own, drinking on his own, slowly gaining weight, and is no longer yellow.

Here he is, putting out the vibe.

Sarah is finally here for the summer. My sister Camille has been visiting for the past few weeks and I never want her to go home. Katie was here too for the weddings and I just wish they could stay forever. I miss having my sweet siblings here to party with me. I'll take what I can get and live it up every single day.

Also I've been baking and getting crafty lately. I have a food blog and i'm going to incorporate my crafts into it... we'll see how that goes.

x's and o's.

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