Wednesday, May 19, 2010

thanks to my mother

I can sort of sew! Mostly straight lines and stuff but still... I make the machine go vroom and its really cool. My mother is a wealth of knowledge. Things that she learned from her mother, I am learning from her. Its the circle of life man! Maybe I will have a kid just so I can make it be really bad ass, like me.

I've made curtains for my bedroom and for my kitchen. I plan to do some in my living room as well. I received a sewing machine for Christmas and, like a true procrastinator, it remains in the box. I was waiting until a found the perfect table to set it up on because I didn't want to set it up on my kitchen table and have to take it down and set it up every time I wanted to use it. If anyone deserves a new one its my mom for sure. I'm pretty positive hers is from 1986.

Here are a few photos of what I've done with my moms help.

Meet my moms sewing machine. It gets the job done. That there is the fabric I used for my curtains. I believe it belonged to my grandma.

That there is Lisa, posing by the curtains. She helped me put them up... it was harder than you might think.

Crappy picture but those are my bedroom curtains. They have pretty elephants on them. Kitties approve.

Dont you love it when you catch them with their tongues out?

So.. if you know me, then you know that I collect cookbooks. Its a favorite hobby of mine for many reasons. Not only do I love to cook but I love to read, and I always read them cover to cover. I love finding slightly older cookbooks (like from the 60s, not that thats old... dad...) because I know that once upon a time, in land far far away, an old lady loved that book. I know this because they scribble notes in the margins and write down additions or suggestions for serving. I especially love it when they leave bookmarks or articles in the pages. Like this:

Its a gosh darn treasure guys.


Paula said...

You make me proud.
love you

Angie said...

wow you are quite the little seamstress!I am so impressed I wish I had a machine. I love collecting old cookbooks as well. Its just fun to browse the DI for them. I think its fun to find the treasures:)love ya

ScHnEiToWn said...

i love how your personality comes out in your blog. THanks for making me smile today. Love ya girl and wish i got to see you more!

Kara said...

Ahhh, sweet~ I love stuff like that! I am now going to look for old cook books for you when I go to yard sales.