Thursday, June 21, 2012

Afros and/at instcare

My hair. My poor hair. I don't care about how much my boyfriend dislikes it or the weird looks I get in public, sometimes I just have to have an afro. On Wednesday night Sarah kindly (and gently, I'm so tender headed) put my hair into sponge curlers. It's a nostalgic activity for me honestly. I think back to the hundreds of times my mom, and sometimes dad, would wrangle my hair into pink sponge curlers. I've always had such a tender head and I know I gave them hell if they made one wrong move. I try not to yell at Sarah but of course I do occasionally.

 I owned that Afro. As with most things in life, if you carry yourself with confidence you too can rock an afro. I may have been a little too confident though because I had a little accident. We went to my friend Chantelle's house for a friendly gathering and as I was stepping out of the car and onto the curb.... my foot just slipped off the curb. I wasn't even doing anything. Just poof, you're falling. Mostly it was embarrassing but my friends were kind and gave me some ice and I managed to have a lovely evening anyway. The next day when I woke up and stepped out of bed I basically collapsed. My foot had puffed up and swelled overnight. I tried to shake it off and go to work anyway but I started getting scared that I may have broken something. Sarah, my life saver, took me to the instacare (and wheeled me around the empty waiting room while giggling) and the X-Rays said nothing was broken. That's a relief! I'm still hobbling around a bit but the pain is lessening.

Having an afro at instacare makes everything in life seem a little more ridiculous. 

Take care. 

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Kara said...

Hehehe!!! You little old grandma in a wheelchair!! I freaking love the afro. I have always told Colin that I wish I was black so I could have a fro, but clearly I TOO CAN have a fro! done and done. sponge curlers, here I come