Monday, June 18, 2012


Summer seems like the perfect time for parties and for friends to gather just for the hell of it. I have made some wonderful new friends and am closer than ever to my good old ones. Even though it's warm outside I can't stop turning on my oven to bake. I hate showing up to a party empty handed, I just can't do it.
A few of my recent cakes....

 Of course I have a cat shaped pan. What did you expect?

A girlfriend of mine requested red velvet cake for her birthday and I immediately frowned but knew that I had to do it. Red Velvet is so... overrated. It has a special name and it lures you in but really it's not worthy of being your BIRTHDAY cake!  I made it, she loved it, the end. 

I didn't take a photo of it but just yesterday I made my dad a coconut macadamia carrot cake and it was delicious!! I'll post the recipe for you soon. 

Take care. 

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