Friday, December 7, 2012

cupcakes and cat sitting

Last night Sarah and I baked these Joe Joe Peppermint Cupcakes. We followed the recipe very closely, except for substituting dark chocolate for the unsweetened chocolate.

They smelled divine.
I brought them to work today and asked my coworkers for an honest critique of them. We are going to make them again next week for a party that Sarah is attending and want to know what we can do better next time.
So far the feedback I received:
-a little dry but tasty
-frosting is delicious
-oreo at the bottom was weird and stuck to the wrapper, or it just disconnected immediately from the cake. we will omit the oreo on the bottom next time.

I love honest feedback! People always tell me that everything tastes sooo goood but really? All the time? I don't think so. Some of my cakes have to be a little dry. Some of my cookies are probably overcooked. If you tell me kindly, I'll try harder next time to avoid those things!

I'm time-sharing watching this pretty little baby. Her name is Sally. She is sweet and meows like a dog barking with a dry mouth?

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