Monday, December 3, 2012


When I found out Camille was pregnant with Sam I was afraid my heart would not be able to grow large enough to love both Olivia and Sam to infinity and beyond. It's a childish fear but I really felt that way. I love Olivia so much I wasn't sure it would be possible to share that with another little human. Then I held the little guy in my arms and just like the Grinch my heart grew three sizes that day. He gets bigger every time I see him. He responds with a tiny meow whenever I meow at him. He's observant and smart and full of life. It blows my mind to see how different Olivia is from Sam. I love to see how much she loves him, she is a wonderful big sister.

Now that Camille is pregnant with her third baby I'm not afraid anymore.

I know I am capable of more love.

Happy Birthday little Cheeto. Meow.

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Kara said...

It's so true that your heart just grows bigger! Crazy huh! I remember thinking the same thing about June. You just love more and more.