Monday, April 7, 2008

hard boiled eggs in a tube sock

It's been a while.
Lack of updates due to... well... I have no legit excuse actually.
Life is crazy and I love it.

So apparently i'm out of shape. Thats no news. But geez I didn't think that raking leaves for just an hour would make me as sore as I am. I can't stand up straight and I cant bend over. Thanks to Kate's good advice, my abs hurt too :)
We had fun though.. see...

Olivia is too cute for her own good.

I'm afraid that if Camille has more babies I wont be able to love them as much as I do Olivia. I asked mom about that too. If she ever felt like Katie was just so fantastic that she might not love her next babies as much. She said that was absurd haha. Fiiiine.

Celisse was in town, we all went to Citris Grill. The food was mediocre, but its good time with my girls.

Sarah hand delivered her invite to my bedroom last night. Its cute and simple and I love it. I love that they didn't include engagement photos. That is just sooo not Sarah. SO ya, countdown is ON baby its on like donkey kong. 16 days. She is probably trippin balls. I don't think she is ready. But who is honestly?

So having my BFF get married means there are a couple things in store for me. First, I have to move. I have a couple different options as far as moving goes, i'm still trying to decide but its hard. I can do one of the following:
-Stay in my house with Mary until my lease is up
-Move somewhere with Mary at the end of this month, or at the end of May.
-Move somewhere by myself at the end of this month, or at the end of May.
-become the most good looking hobo in SLC
-Move to Canada and make a living in the film industry. Jk.

I love house hunting, its one of my favorite things to do. I plan on stickin to my favorite hot spots. Downtown, sugarhouse, aves, anywhere around liberty park would be fun. So I guess we'll just see. I'm in no rush, and im not about to just pick the cheapest place I find.. I'm damn picky this time around. No more stupid small kitchen and NO MORE SLANTY SHOWER!!!!

Secondly- having my BFF get married... means i'm gonna be a tad lonely. I'm trying to keep myself distracted til then. Doesnt feel real but hey, this is life and thats what we do ain't it? We grow up, get married, make babies, and die.

Mom better have gone to the Doc today. She has this stupid cold for... ever. Herroooo!! Take caaare of iiit!!!

Lots of new developments at work, but I wont bore yall.
I will however, bore yall with pictures of my cats and other miscellaneous things I do.


Spencer and Heather said...

Thanks for the update! Katelyn loves to look at the pictures of your cat!

Kara said...

I love your hair! It definitley fits your "I have to stay by liberty park" attitude!! :) Geeze Louis Candice, I wish I could have done the rake work out with ya! I need a good ol fashioned work out! Don't you hate that sore feeling? It's a hurt so good kind of thing huh. I am excited for Sarah and Mike! I have some random crazy memories about both of them! And some scandalous pictures of Sarah in lingurie from Coronado. LOL