Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So this is it.

I'd like to begin this post by saying i've been reduced to a few small material posessions.
Sarah has packed up all her things, well, mostly all of them other than this desk i'm sitting at right now.
The walls are bare, so is the floor.
No more art no more rugs.

I came home and opened up the cupboard and it appears that she had packed up all her bowls and plates and cups as well.
This cant be all I own, can it?

I've never felt so pathetic.
A few dusty wine glasses, coffee, coffee filters. The only plate I own. Pam. Big ass plastic margarita glass that sarah and I were so excited to use... but never did. Teapot. Flour. Sugar bin thingy, but its not actually full of solid sugar, its actually full of little packages of sweet and low. Even though right next to it there is a big box of sugar. Why do I do things like that?

Would this make you sad? If you opened up your cupboard and this is all you had?

I want to get married and have everyone buy me fabulous kitchen supplies. I want blenders and spice racks and bowls and plates and brand new teflon pants I want it too!!! But what if I never get married huh?
Maybe i'll stage a wedding!! Ya thats what i'll do. And all of you suckers will buy me gifts. Hows that sound?


I went shopping a few days ago with my beautiful mother. I tried on one billion dresses, finally found a perfect pretty floral one. I love spending time with her I dont know why I don't do it more. She makes me feel so good and positive and warm inside. Thats what mothers are for. I hope I can be just like her someday :)

I'll take a lot of pictures at this wedding tomorrow and i'll keep you guys posted! I say you guys... as if anyone reads this thing.


Kara said...

I read it! And i know that Heather and Erin read it! So, Ha! YOu for sure should fake a wedding! You can do it Gavin styles and just get a divorce a month later! Ha! JK I am excited for Sara's wedding tonight! Her invitation was just as cute as you said it was! I loved it :) Can't wait to see you tonight! P.S. I Love your guts!

Craig & Erin said...

Yes I do read it also, Kara just made me feel like a creepy blog stalker! Anyways keep blogging I love reading it, you are so funny. It was fun seeing you at church even though I didn't get to talk to you.

Camille said...

I read it... i do i do i do! I love reading your blog. It says everything that I am thinking in a beautiful, blunt, straight forward way! You know you can always come to my house to eat... wait, I mean Mom's house! Your cupboard looks like ours did at Lake Pines, but we had a can of instant potatoes that Kellens grandma gave us for Christmas! MMMMMMMM... YUMMY!

Kara said...

Ha Ha Ha! I freaking loved your comment on my blog! LOL! How was Sarah's (sp?) wedding? I am sad that we missed it :( I bet you looked HOT! YOu should post some pictures of you and her! Love you like a fat kid loves cake!