Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love you Sarah McAnderson.

Thats right, McAnderson.
Why get rid of your last name if you love it?
Why not just combine the two?
Just kidding, Sarah definitely took on mikes last name but I'll probably call her McAnderson for the rest of my life.
The wedding was beautiful. It was exactly how she wanted it to be, I think.
The ceremony was short and sweet and simple. Similar to what I would have said at my own wedding, if I ever tie the knot. I don't have all the pictures YET, as soon as I do i'll post more. But I'll post what i've got for now.
Here is them, during the ceremony, about to exchange rings.....

And this would be us, watching, as they do this... see me smiling? Smiling real big to avoid cryin haha.

Then this is them, afterward, its a silly picture of them and they have MUCH BETTER ones.. I just havent been given the disc of photos yet. So this is what ya get til I can getcha somethin better.

Then this is Sarah and I at her reception.

Oh and me and mom and Kit and the reception.

So ya, good times. They served Gelato and Italian sodas. And fresh fruit and vegetables. It really was just perfect.
Celisse made the most amazing cake! You go girl!
I'm glad its over, I'm sure Sarah feels the same way.
They are in mexico right now. She's all moved out of the house =/
This new girl moved in. Shes alright I guess. Kinda weird but its only temporary so i'm not even gonna stress about it.

I'm so excited I get to start learning sign today!!! Its about time! I feel like I needed to know it fluently by... yesterday?

Why does everyone gotta hate on zombie flicks? I rented George Romero's Day of the Dead and it was freaking epic.
If I had the opportunity to be in movies, I'd pick zombie films. First i'd want to be a victim, get chased, then eaten. Then I'd wanna switch it up and PLAY a zombie. Super cool. Get my head chopped off or something.

I really can't explain why I have these morbid fascinations. I know it worries my mother but its ok Paula!! I assure you i'm fine!! I'm not gonna go out and start eating people, unless you can find me someone out there who is BBQing up some human. Just kidding mom :) See here is a kitty to make it allllll better....

A few of my other morbid fascinations include serial killers. Crime scenes. It just sparks my interest. I like learning about how messed up people can get.
I don't recommend that site for anyone with a weak stomach.
This site ain't so bad, its actually written by this gay guy Scott Michaels. He runs a Graveline tour in hollywood. Basically you'd hop in his herse and he'd take you around to all of the places in hollywood where anything really super cool and epic happened. Like where famous people lived and died. His website includes interesting short biographies about famous people... (Chris Farley, Judy Garland, Rodney Dangerfield, Jeffrey Dahmer, Jimi Hendrix, Mama Cass, Notorious BIG, John Belushi, Humphrey Bogart, Ray Charles..) You get the idea. But basically it starts with a brief overview of their childhood, why they were famous, and then the nitty gritty about how they died. Oh mom its even got Karen Carpenter hehe :)
I don't know why I care about this crap.


Camille said...

I love the wedding pictures, but I have to admit, the zombie makes my tummy turn! Zombie cat= soft and furry and lovable. Real zombie= cold, dead, bloody... you get my point. I still laughed when I read it all. Just a little creapy! Love yous anyways!

Camille said...

Yes, you and uncle Mark do have a lot in common, and I bet he'd let you live there. He needs someone to take care of him! Plus, he has a steamer in the new bathroom he built!

Kara said...

The Wedding pictures ar soooo pretty! Sara looks gorgeous! I love the picture of you watching with that big cheesy grin, you look super cute :)
So what day next week would work for you for lunch?