Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm not good at everything

I used to consider myself a pretty decent coffee maker. I bought my first coffee maker when Sarah and I moved in together and I spent many mornings brewing for the both of us.
I recently quit drinking coffee for about 2 months, but since its really cold I picked it up again. I only drink it black no sugar no creamer.

Today I made coffee in the break room. I sat at my desk while it brewed and when I returned to fill up my cup, this conversation happened

Me: *cleaning off my mug*
coworker: Don't drink that coffee yet, its not done.
Me: No way really?
coworker: Yeah I came in here and got a cup and it tasted like shit so we remade it.
Me: *blushing* Oh... it was bad?
coworker: yeah apparently whoever made it just left the old coffee grounds in there and put fresh ones on top, which made it taste like shit...
Me: oh...

Ok I DID NOT put new coffee on top of old coffee, i'm not retarded. I used a fresh filter and I put the appropriate ammount of coffee grounds in.

Apparently I'm not as good as I thought I was at making coffee. I'll leave that to the deaffies from now on.


Camille said...

You should consider giving it up again if it was that bad! I'm really good a cracking open my diet coke every day... can't mess that one up!

ALF said...

That header is scary!

Brooke said...

Ha ha. Oh no! Maybe just give it one more shot and see what happens. I bought this freaking awesome coffee maker, it's one of those ones with the little frother and the espresso maker built in. Well the first time I used it, Jesse took the little thing that holds the espresso off before it had cooled down, and it exploded all over me. It was scary. I was screaming, and when I looked up at Jesse I had coffee all over my face and hair, and he was freaking out because he thought I was burned. It was crazy. But you know, it's worth it. Because a good cup of coffee is like a little dream.

P.S. Thanks for the support on the whole book club thing. I think that needed to be said. Ha ha.