Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Memory Photo Lane

I was browsing through my photobucket at all my old pictures. I came across some funny ones.

Reason # 41 why I love laughing gas.....
You see, this is me before I had the laughing gas. I was terrified to get my root canal.

And apparently this is me POST laughing gas, feeling peaceful?

Haha man I was such a dork. Well I still am.
Also I was really missing my old apartment. And everything/everyone who lived in it. Even that one deaf guy, I miss him too.
Please disregard the pictures of people dancing and just enjoy how cute my life was...

That there is Mikey and Brian dancing on new years eve. But look how cute my red couch is, and we had yellow walls, covered in fun art. Two little pink coffee tables with Sarahs art books on top.

Hahahah Sarah will kill me for posting this. Yes, she is wearing a wig. Yes, she is wearing a skirt for a dress. That skirt, mind you, is very precious to her, she never let me borrow it EVER. I touched it a lot though. HA!

And that there in the background is my blue bookshelf. Coco gave Sarah a framed picture of Lenny, and we always had it on the bookshelf.
I want my own apartment again :(


that jordan girl said...

You have a very cute life.

Coco said...

I also gave her the hula girl picture :) I remember the day Sarah and I picked up that damn red couch...COVERED in cat hair. bleck. The girl was all "there's just a little bit of cat hair on it" She lied.

Angie Nelson said...

You crack me up with your pictures and stories. Its true there is nothing better then living on your own but it is nice to be home where you know you are loved!