Wednesday, January 21, 2009

641 and Felting an unfeltable quilt

So my mom is amazing, I know you've heard me say that over and over but I really mean it!! She suggested that because im moving and I don't really have a nice comforter or quilt that we should MAKE ONE. And so we did!! Paula did most of it, and I can never thank her enough. We went to Joanns and picked out some fabric. Mama sewed it up. We borrowed the quilting frames from our neighbor and they invaded the family room for about 3 days.

So there it is, in all of its quilty glory. Invading our living space.
Here is a closer look at the print:

I like black a lot. SO back to my mothers amazingosity, she basically did all of this for me. While I was at work she tied the quilt. I also got a nasty cold over the weekend and she let me be a baby and sleep while she worked her little fingers to the bone. I don't have a picture of the finished product yet but when I do, trust me, you'll be seeing it.

My dad is also pretty amazing- he is the new "sheriff" in town and he TRIES to wake us girls up early so we can go to the gym. He is really patient with us and lets me whine when its too hard or too cold or too early. It's always TOO something.
So here we are, up at the ass crack of dawn, ready to work out.

Camille and Livvy are here too!!! They got here on Sunday and they'll stay until next Thursday. Its so much fun. Olivia says all sorts of words now. Her favorite words are: ummm, cool, wanna try, and chewy of course. We dance and spin and sing and watch mermaids. I only wish Kate was here with all of us =/

So I am going to get the keys to my new house tonight!! Pictures will be coming soon. I'm very very excited. And very grateful to my family for their willingness to help me, even though they dont want me to leave.
I hope my cats adjust to their new environment.
I hope we have good water pressure.
I hope we find a cheap rug to cover up the pink carpet.

Megan is gone right now. I miss her but I cant even find the words to describe how happy I am for her that she is able to be where she is. My girls got a powerful, soulful, fascinating voice. You'll get chills I swear, just wait :)

So watch out for that pretty face. Not mine. Hers.
And I'll leave you with a photo of my babies eating fancy feast from fancy bowls.


Pollywog said...

Oh Candice what am I going to do without you! I wish I was as amazing as you say. I hope you get a warm fuzzy and think about the fun we had every time you snuggle under your quilt...I had fun working on it with you! We will have to keep going to the gym...somehow. I'm just not motivated without you! I'm excited for you to start your new adventure!

Angie Nelson said...

Your mom is so cute! I think it runs in the family cause my mom for christmas made some dish towels for each of us girls. They are the old school ones that take a million hours of sewing. She borrowed some of young jeans patterns and they are soooo cute! I hope to be just like them when I grow up.

Camille said...

My fingers hurt from that beautiful quilt! He he ha ha hooo! Love you... good luck with the radiator!

kat said...

Mom was totally crying when she posted that comment! I wish I was there with you sluts! Come visit me!!!! xoxo

Sarcastic Seth said...

Fuzzy time!

kat said...

PS- Is amazingosity a word now? Lets check with the scrabble master on that one...not sure it would pass, but since we are describing Mom here, I guess we'll let it slide?