Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So I found a place to live downtown. While I am very excited to have my own space and kitchen and what not, I am also feeling sad and weird about leaving my moms again. Leaving the comfort of home is something I've always done so eagerly, without even thinking twice. Not this time. I will miss seeing my mama and papa every morning. I will miss Lizzy trying to play with my cats. I will miss the smell of tamales on sunday afternoons. I will miss watching the history channel, Lord knows I cant afford television. I will miss the fire in the fireplace. I will miss eating cereal with my mom even though "I dont have time" for that.

But hey its not like i'm dying right? I work down the street and I wont ever let a week pass by without coming over at LEAST once or twice. Dont worry mommy i'll never be too far away from you. Im 22 but I still need you like I need water and air. And when the boy leaves I will be there with you.

All that aside.... HELL YES PARTY ON WAYNE!! I get to decorate!!! Dad is going to let me take Grandmas bed frame just until he can make me my very own bed frame. I dont think he realizes how special this will be to me. I plan to keep it for all eternity.

I think my cats will be really happy at the new place.
I think my dishes will be really happy at my new house too.

Camille is going to be here soon im really looking forward to that. I hope Kate will be able to come for a weekend while she is here. I love my family so much.

Not a lot has been going on lately though...

Everyone watch American Idol and vote for Megan. Thanks!


Kara said...

Fun to move out! But I bet it was fun to live with your mom and dad for a bit :)

Pollywog said...

We all love you right back!

Sarcastic Seth said...

I had soup kitchen today. Should have been there :)

Camille said...

See ya today love!

Kara said...

Are you ok?! It has been far too long since you posted!!!!!! :) I love your brains and hope that all is well.