Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I can't stop laughing because I just had this conversation:

Sayrah says (10:32 AM): Can I tell you how bad my apt smells right now? Einstein totally barfed and he's never barfed before, he took a NASTY shit and when I tried to flush both the poo and vomit it clogged. Got it unclogged now. I am so upset.
Meow says (10:33 AM): hahahahahahahahahahaha
Meow says (10:33 AM):
im laughing so hard.
Sayrah says (10:33 AM): its not funny!
Meow says (10:33 AM): But uh, Im sorry you're upset. You have to realize how funny that is...

Meow says (10:33 AM):
if I told you that happened to me you would laugh

Meow says (10:33 AM):
just light a candle
Sayrah says (10:34 AM): Ok will do

And then one minute later I said:

Meow says (10:35 AM): OMG
Meow says (10:35 AM): what is that one place called
Meow says (10:35 AM):
where we washed our hands?
Sayrah says (10:35 AM): Sabon
Meow says (10:36 AM): want!
Sayrah says (10:36 AM): I took my mom there and she compared it to heaven
Meow says (10:36 AM): omg like the celestial levels?
Sayrah says (10:36 AM): ya, top level
Meow says (10:36 AM): Wowww
Sayrah says (10:37 AM): the first time I went to Anthropologie in seattle I guess I told my mom that "These clothes must have been designed by Heavenly Mother"
Meow says (10:37 AM): hahahahahahah I bet you did say that.

And that is just proof that there is never a dull moment in my life.
Last night Lisa and I went down to Kilby Ct to go see His Name Shall Breathe and we were so excited. When we got there, all of my dreams and hopes were squashed. No one was there!!! Apparently something happened, maybe the show got moved or canceled or something but I did not receive that memo. So I was unaware of whatever changed. So I was sad. Oh well I guess.

I found a jackpot of photos from Says wedding.


Pollywog said...

Candice you know what Karl Malone always says...what go round, come round..hehehe

Kara said...

:) Love you! You should post more pics from Sara's wedding! I am so sad that I missed it :( P.S. you look freaking hot in that one picture!