Monday, February 23, 2009

can haz?

Who wants summer back? Raise them hands in the air!

I miss my old life really hard sometimes.

Not to say my current life is bad. It isn't, it's actually quite swell. I just miss certain feelings and smells and routines. I haven't quite found my groove yet in my new place. Still trying to put together my bedroom (if anyone out there has any old furniture i.e. bookshelves, tables, lamps that they want to give me, please, holler at me) and its hard without proper funds and creative mind.
Hey Sarah, i'll pay you in burritos if you fly out here and arrange my house in a cozy fashion.

I stayed at my parents house last night. It did feel grand and safe and for a moment I missed that security too. Knowing that my dad is upstairs *sleeping* just gives me this sense of peace. Like nothing can go wrong when I am there. What can I say? They built a home on love and comfort and friendship. Someday i'll have my own, I hope :) So thanks for letting me stay guys. I know I can obviously come stay anytime I want but it felt good when you begged a little hehe.

Remember when I asked how it was possible to misplace a cat? Well don't worry (I know you were losing sleep over this) because I found him. Elton was in the closet INSIDE of a suitcase just chillin, kickin it, hanging out by his lonesome. I bet he was all sorts of thrilled to have found such a bad ass hiding spot. Ha! Even mom cant find me here! So of course I zipped up the suitcase and we are trying to block the door with a giant mirror. That's right folks, Elton has come out of the closet once and for all.

What does it even mean to say once and for all?


Say and the City said...

I wish plane tickets could be bought with burritos. You know how I love walking into a never before seen apartment/home and thinking of all the fun things to do with it.
Sorry I'm not there to help but I will be aaallll summer long, and yes, you can ride betsey blue again.

Pollywog said...

So fun to have you stay over. We miss you! You bring out the best in me.... west side hooker?

kat said...

Isn't sleeping at home the best? I know the exact feeling your talking about! Miss it and i miss you!

Sarcastic Seth said...

I am going to buy you a basket for your bicycle :)

ALF said...

I miss summer!