Wednesday, May 20, 2009

dolphins are mammals?

Once upon a time, I lived with 4 cats. Four Whole Cats! It was a very happy time in my life. It came to pass when Sarah and I decided we needed to rent out the extra room in our humble apartment. I knew just the man. He was deaf, and therefore would be a quiet respectful roommate. He was living on the west side paying almost 800 for a 1 bedroom. I had to save him, not only from the west side but from the extreme cost of his mediocre apartment. So he packed up everything he had and shoved it in his Subaru. It was a very interesting thing you know, introducing our 2 cats to his 2 cats. It wasn't necessarily peaceful at first either.

I wish I hadnt been talking the whole way through that video, so sorry about that. I just wanted him to like me, and he did, it just took time.

See look how happy he was :)
I am sad to say I have no pictures of Koko. She was a quiet private kitty. Always hiding.

4 cats = loads of poop.


Camille said...

You are pretty hardcore. If something hissed at me like that, I'd hiss back, run, (possibly give it the bird while running) and never look back!

kat said...

Hardcore/sucker! Who takes care of something that just hisses and snaps at them? Um...remember what that special roommate said to you? Just wondering...

Megan said...