Sunday, May 17, 2009

A walrus perhaps?

We had a fun little BBQ party for Sarah and Seths birthday last Saturday. It was a great success and we had a lovely time. I got rather sunburned though so that part wasn't fun.  It was great to have Sarah here for a bit. I'm real excited she'll be back this summer. 

I recently went to the Animal farm place out at Thanksgiving point with Meg and Ryd and AJ accompanied us as well. We originally went to see the tulips but we ended up seeing animals instead. I think Ryder was much more pleased than he would have been with flowers.

So that was good times.  Kids are funny. I don't like most of them but I can think of a select few who have grown on me and I feel that special unconditional love for them. 

We had a yard/bake sale on Saturday and it was great!  My mom made a ton of treats and all the people in the ward donated so much stuff.  I think they raised quite a bit of money.  So hooray and thanks to everyone who came. 

It was also my Papas birthday this past week.  Happy birthday to you! I love you so much :) Unfortunately I had a 3 hour training at work that evening so I was unable to spend any time with them =/ I know he doesn't like to make a big fuss over these sorts of things anyway but still It would have been nice to be together. 


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Camille said...

Have you ever seen that guy who got whiskers put into his face and had all that plastic surgery to make him look like a cat? Just wondering,,,Theme party? Glad Sara is there for the summer. xoxo