Friday, December 11, 2009

because my mom would cry

I was thinking...
Katie moved.
Camille moved.
The Boy left.
Sarah moved.
Megan only lives here half the time.

Maybe I could move?
Just a thought :)


Say and the City said...

I love this idea, ONLY if you do the following:

Move to NYC after Christmas, go back home for the summer and move to London in September.

Pollywog said...

Yes I would, but if it would make you happy, then go.

mary beth said...

where would you go?

Angie said...

I know your mom would be very sad not to have 1 of you close. But like she said if it makes you happy then you should do it. Its a big adjustment being away from home. Just make sure you have plenty of money in case you cant get a job!

Camille said...

Really, where would you go?