Tuesday, December 1, 2009

well holy hannah montanna

I had no idea guys! Ok I won't stop.

So thanksgiving was amazing! Katie was home for a few days and its always so nice and comforting to have her here. My mom and dad and I are all sort of wishy washy, do whatever, don't make solid plans kinds of people so when she comes she whips us into shape and makes us DO STUFF. I love seeing the look on her face when none of us can make a decision. Her eye kind of rolls a little (maybe not on purpose bahahaha) and she just laughs at us.
As far as the meal went... my tofurkey was fantastic. I ate it cold for 3 days straight it was so good. I tried to veganize my moms amazing corn dip but uhh.. it didn't go that great. I have a few ideas of how I can make it thicker and creamier but honestly i'm just discouraged. Its hard enough when my family thinks im doing something extremely crazy, but then when it doesnt turn out I just feel really embarrassed. I won't give up though guys! Its been almost 2 weeks and I feel great! I lost 5 pounds and plan to lose more. Obviously the fact that i've been unable to eat hot cheetos, nutty bars, mamas chocolate pretzels, rolls, and everything else is contributing to the small amount of weight lost. I want to do this healthy though I dont want to get sickly or weak looking. I'll probably go buy some vitamins and maybe even a supplement. I feel like I eat tons of veggies and an ass load of tofu though. I get lots of protein and nutrients. Anyway. I feel good about it.

We moved to a new area at work today. I have a window cubicle again. So much sunshine. Pretty decent view. Happy about it.

I want to paint my kitchen pink but my landlord wont let me. Daddy I hope you're ready to move me again in 6 months :)

Sarah comes home in 18 days and we have big plans to umm love one another and spend precious moments together. After that she'll be home for the summer and then off to London. I don't know how well we will be able to keep in touch but i'm sure it'll be fine. Its far away so I wont worry about that right now. Just glad shes coming home. I'd like to borrow that green dress and smell good like her and have her help me re arrange my living room. K thnx.

Could his kitty paws get any cuter?


kelsie said...

I see you decided not to call quits... good thing cause I love reading your blog! you.are.hilarious.
plus how else would I keep in touch with my long lost friend that I used to eat jelly and butter sandwiches with?? Do you even remember those? I swear your mom always made those for us

Say and the City said...

I wish my tofurky tasted as good as yours. I think mine was funky because I crock potted it with my own recipe. Better luck next time?

Can't wait to be home and spend every moment I can with you, Elton and MC Hammer.

stacey said...

umm...thank you...I can now go to bed..my blogg reading is complete for the night. Love reading your thoughts and your mamma's thoughts...just love you guys all together..ok...now I'm sounding sappy or something...goodnight!

Tahnie said...

I too read, I am just not good at commenting sorry. I am glad your tofurkey tasted good.

Kara said...

It's not true, it's not true!! I am dying for our hotel night stay! I am in love with you and want to play all the live long day! Yippy skippy! How does January sound?
As a side note- LOVE your hair and all the variety of colors it has been! :)