Wednesday, December 23, 2009

not anymore

When I was little I used to go through toy catalogs and circle things that I wanted Santa to buy me and then I would give the catalogs to my mom and sincerely expect that I would get every single thing I had circled.

Now that I'm sort of grown up and I have to pay my own bills and rent and food and what not, I can't imagine going through toy catalogs and demanding that my parents buy me everything I want. Gosh what a brat I was! Christmas has changed so much for me. I don't care much for lights or trees or treats. I only care that I get to be with my family. With Katie and Camille gone, and KC too now, it isn't easy being the only kid here. I miss them all the time. I absolutely treasure times like these when we are able to be together. Can't really think of anything much better than that.

Mom and I last Christmas:


Pollywog said...

I agree with you 100 percent. To be with you all and to feel the joy of giving of yourself is what makes Christmas happy for me too...
So glad that you "get it" and that you are mine! love you

Kara said...

Oh man! That would be sad to be the only kid home for Christmas! Isn't it funny how grown up we are!