Monday, March 12, 2012

book, thrift, learn new things

I picked Oscar Wilde's classic book The Picture of Dorian Gray for our book club. I knew I had seen a copy on my moms bookshelves and it turned out to be a really cool copy!! It is larger than most hardback books and it has really beautiful, kind of eerie, illustrations in it. Very excited to finish this one!

While I was at my moms I decided I want to learn how to embroider. She inherited these amazing iron on appliques from her mom and as soon as I saw them I knew I needed to learn this new skill. I think most of the appliques are intended to be used on pillow cases or nice towels but since its my first go at embroidery I thought I'd do something I could frame, if it turned out. I've been watching my mom embroider, and cross stitch and needle point since I can remember. I loved hearing the sound of the needle pop through the fabric and the slide of the floss as it came through. I have always been amazed at the things she makes. More often than not she is making a stitchery for someone else. All of our neighbors and friends homes have something done by my mom hanging on the wall. She uses her talents to make wonderful gifts for people, how cool is that?

There were so many colors of floss (this is just a few boxes) it was hard to choose what to do.
The iron on came out bright pink and the floss covers most of it up so that's good.
I'm a little tea pot do de do.

While thrifting recently Sarah found this amazing shirt and excitedly brought it over to me, insisting that I buy it. I love it.

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