Wednesday, March 7, 2012

life in a jar

My soul mate makes these amazing terrariums. You can buy them. They make wonderful presents for any occasion. They brighten up your desk and make a good centerpiece for a kitchen table.

I know you want one.
So, email and tell her what you fancy as far as jar shape and size or any specific colors you want to see.


christine nicole said...

I found a tutorial on how to do this not to long ago and was telling Seth how I want to make a few! FUN!

lessdirtydirt said...

They are way fun! IF you need any advice or want to do it with a friend you should do it with Sarah! She's made a ton and is expert level now. I think she gets most of her cacti from Ikea because they're good and cheapy.

chantelle.elise said...

love & want & love

christine nicole said...

I am sure I will hit you guys up and we can have a group do them together. And I will probably buy one from her once my wallet will allow me to buy myself fun things

christine nicole said...

I get what you meant now haha
I was a little scatter brained at work. I will email her if I need help