Tuesday, March 18, 2014

and all you see

The sunrise was beautiful today.
I desperately wanted to crawl back into bed after my shower. Anything before 7 AM can be tough, ya know? I quietly get ready for the day while Curtis snores and the cats stretch their legs and yawn. It's inviting. It's tempting. But I've got places to go, quizzes to take, work to do.

I'll sleep when I'm dead.

I gently kiss a snoring manfriend on his cheek and sneak out the back door as quietly as I can. 

I had forgotten about the previous evenings snowfall and hadn't budgeted time for my car to warm itself. Parked next to me is Curt's frozen car and I know he'll be awake soon to take Leila to school. I know he'll frown and mumble curse words when he sees that this is not easy, fluffy, wipe away snow on our cars- this is crusty, stubborn, iced over snow.
While my car purrs loudly, I clear the ice chunks from his windows. My scraper is bigger than his, and I like him a lot.
I smile knowing that it will make his morning just a tiny bit smoother. If scraping the ice off your partners car isn't true love, I don't know what is.

This morning I aced the lecture quiz in my human development class. 22/20 points.
Also, this morning, I discovered that I received 100 points on a rough exam I took right before spring break.
I'm high on good grades, guys.  I'm completely buzzed on studying and applying new knowledge to real life experiences.

happy tuesday friends. i hope you're high on something sweet and natural too.

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