Wednesday, March 5, 2014

plants and pride

Two Christmases ago I was gifted a darling little jade plant. I placed him in the window and watered him and said nice things to him and then he died. He was not the first victim in my serial plant killing streak. He was also not the last.

I didn't understand WHY this would happen to my plant. A couple other friends received the same gift and their plant is flourishing- over a year later!!

I mean, maybe I (definitely) watered him too much. Maybe he was too close to the window in the dead of winter. Maybe I sang the wrong songs to him. Whatever the reason for his death (and all the other fallen soldiers), I felt terrible about it.

About six months ago my mom gave me a small catnip plant that she had purchased while she was on vacation. I smiled and thanked her but deep down I felt the impending doom. I knew I was going to kill the thing. BUT. You guys, I didn't. He still lives. At my house. Under my care. In my windowsill.


I can't believe it either. I know it's only been 6 months but I feel like me and this plant are having a pretty serious relationship. He gets me. He stayed alive so good that I felt encouraged to go out and buy MORE plants. I purchased two cute little succulents from Ikea back in January and I am pleased to tell you that not only are they still alive, they are GROWING.


Obviously after keeping these babies alive and watching them grow I was feeling like a plant boss, so I went out and adopted a couple more.

This little guy is in the aloe vera family.  Haworthia Attenuata is the name but I call him new friend. Below you can see another little succulent with pinkish leaves. He had a fancy name too but I found several sources giving him the nickname of "suberbum" so that is what we will call him at my house. I also purchased a big basil plant.

For valentines Curtis bought me a mini rose bud plant. He said that if I let it die, our relationship is probably doomed. No pressure or anything.  You can see the cute little rose buds in the photo above. That fun holiday was over two weeks ago and this plant is still with us so I'd like to say our odds are pretty high. 

Gosh guys aren't you proud of me? I have a strict watering schedule that will hopefully keep me from murdering. 

Not pictured here is a little pot of thai basil that I planted from seeds. Hopefully in a week or two I'll see something shooting up out of the soil. I love Basil.  Basil is my favorite. 

I will keep you posted. 


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