Sunday, May 4, 2008

happy birthday KC

I'm a tad late but it was KC's birthday on the 30th. As well as Erin Nielsons aka North? right? I think its Mickies birthday too. Hooray!
Anyhow KC turned 18, even though he is a man now, we're still going to call him The Boy. I find it funny that even neighbors and friends call him the boy. Sometimes people are like "uhhh are you sure he likes that?" Well.... I don't know... I figure if he disliked being called the Boy he'd cry or something and since he hasnt had a mental breakdown from it yet, I assume we're still good to go on calling him the boy.
We had dinner at PF Changs.... mmmmmmm twas tasty as usual. I appreciate Kellens awareness of my non meat eating- he ordered a lovely eggplant dish for us all :) I challenged papa to eating a little hot red chili pepper. Uhhh BIG MISTAKE, I am NOT macho like I thought I was. He ate it with no sweat however I was sweating for sure. I could hardly breathe after and anything I ate after that just tasted like fire. I swear I felt it when I pooped it out the next day. TOo much info? Probably but hey I'm being honest and my butt was ON FIRE.
Anyway it was a good time, I love you KC. Here are some pictures from that night. Don't mind my nappy greasy face/hair. I needs a hurrrcut.

Ok so here is the big bunch of us, minus the most good looking member, Katie....

Camille and I looking geeky as usual....

Olivia being the cutest damn thing on the planet, giggling quite loudly, probably upsetting the tables around us but uhhh who cares right? I'll judo chop anyone who has beef with her giggles or loud noises.

And then another one, where I was mid-sentence, Camille still lookin supa-fly.

So there you have it. I heart birthdays.

In other news, my room mate listens to blue grass at very inappropriate early hours. She also doesn't eat sugar or swear. Two things I may or may not do excessively. But hey to each his/her own. Room mates ARE HARD TO DEAL WITH. If anyone of you knows a super awesome 1 bedroom house downtown/sugarhouse area that is like Free.99, let me know and i'll move in asap.

The gaydom of my two boy cats seems pretty certain lately although it is still pending investigation. What do you guys think?

I think halloween is my favorite holiday by far. You get to wear whatevsies without ridicule. Eating excessive amounts of candy is not looked down upon. Plus its spooky, and i'm into that.
Sarah and I had a really really excellent halloween this year, just thought i'd show you guys this because Its funny :)

I once dated a guy who went by the name of Jefe. Jefecito. Little boss. He was actually quite tall though. Anyway he was nice I guess, we had fun together. One day I was in his room and I found an old bible so I opened it up and he had written all over the inside of it with some of the following phrases, some I wont repeat...
Jesus is at McDonalds
Jesus hates fags....

Needless to say that was a very short relationship. Dating is so hard. I meet so many good lookin guys who just turn out to be creepzors. I'm like uhhh maybe we could have dated if you hadn't ever opened your mouth? Or maybe we could have dated if... you were a different person. I know i'm not perfect either but Is it really that hard to find a nice decent guy?
I'm not asking for much.
-isn't allergic to cats
-likes scary movies- not love stories
-eats a lot of food, and enjoys to cook
-is taller than me
-uses proper grammar and punctuation when texting and talking.
-wants to meet my ma and pa.
-doesnt have shitty tattoos, ok ok I should clarify, I have tattoos, and I love tattoos, but I see A LOT OF SHITTY LOOKIN TATTOOS these days. I'm not even kidding I saw someone with a tattoo on their pinky of a tampon. A dirty tampon with feces and flies all around it. I almost vomited and my next thought was, "umm do you have a motheR, orrr any sort of self respect?"
-likes me for me, including my curly toe and random neck hairs.
-loves his mother
I have many more expectations but its too much to list. Point is.... where are these men? Do they exist?

Ok thats all for now. Sanks. G'day mate.


Spencer and Heather said...

You know you have the cutest family right!! Cant believe KC is 18!! Crazy!!!

Kara said...

You are the most random person on the face of the planet!!! I love it though! :) That is so funny that you guys still call KC the boy! I remember you playing head down arm up with him! Ha Ha ha, poor kid! :) He sure is super cute though. Uggg... as for the random story about your ex... that is pretty disturbing. I mean it is one thing to not beieve in a supreme being but it is quite another to have a Bible with your rantings scribbled all over it! LOL! You are 100% right when you say there are a lot of creeps out there. You for sure will find a cute one though :)

Kara said...

Rude! Bring it Beoch! Ha Ha, it is a bit embarrasing that I played in High School! I seriously sucked!

Craig & Erin said...

I am impressed that you remembered it was my birthday, thanks! As for your list it is not to picky you can hold out for what you want and who knows in the mean time you might find someone even better! Are you coming to your parents ward on Sunday for Mothers Day? Craig and I are speaking in sacrament so it will be full of entertainment!